Article Rich General How does the guidance of a car accident attorney matter in your case?

How does the guidance of a car accident attorney matter in your case?

Did you know that there are nearly 7 million car crashes reported in the United States of America? This boils down to nearly 16,500 accidents in a single day across the highways, roads, and streets of the country. Car collisions may range in type and severity, including rear-end collisions, fender-benders, hit-and-runs, rollover crashes, and many more. Based on the kind of accident you meet, there are several drivers who wonder whether or not to seek the help of a car accident lawyer. 

So, when you find yourself trapped in a car accident, how would you determine if you need to appoint a lawyer? Keep reading to know more. 

4 Signs that you are in need of a car accident attorney

Before you call law firms like, you need to make sure you’re safe and your instant medical needs are all met. Once you take care of these, you should soon call your lawyer. How to know whether you require a lawyer in your case? Here are a few signs to consider.

  • You got injured in the accident: Regardless of how minor or severe the cut or injury is, if you have been injured in the accident, you have to hire an attorney to safeguard your rights. 
  • There is noteworthy damage to property: Though a minor fender bender or slight dings won’t lead to a claim of high dollar, yet there are few crashes that can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. This is when an attorney can help.
  • When the other party is wounded: Hiring a lawyer can help in defending you from claims made by the other party who may have been injured in the accident.
  • When an insurance company calls you regarding a collision: Despite you thinking that the collision is not costly or it doesn’t involve an injury or you’re not at fault, in case you get a call from the insurance company, it is time for you to hire a car accident attorney. 

Situations when appointing a car accident lawyer can get critical

There are many drivers who elect to tackle the process of an accident without seeking legal assistance. Sadly, this can put victims at the risk of not obtaining the entire compensation amount for the wounds. Here are 3 situations when it is critical to join hands with an attorney.

  • Rare, odd, or severe injuries

Attaining suitable compensation can get tougher for people who have sustained complicated, odd, or rare injuries. Did you know that critical car accidents are the 3rd biggest cause of hazardous brain injuries that can have a lifelong impact on cognition, memory, behavior, and mood? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that none can predict the long-term effect of a brain injury. 

Hence, if you work with an attorney, you can rightfully prove that the rare injuries have originated from the car accident. 

  • Possible issues with timing

In case the statute of limitations for an injury claim is already knocking at your door, it is beneficial to work with an attorney. The statute of limitations varies from one state to another and if you think yours is approaching sooner or later, gets the help of an attorney. He is the most adept person to make sure that the claim is filed within the time limit. 

  • Crashes with pro drivers

If the accident was with a truck driver or with some other type of commercial vehicle, you should consult an attorney. These drivers are strict about their working hours, maintenance of vehicles, loading of vehicles, and other practices. It is usually difficult to prove that a commercial driver was at fault in a collision with you. Hence, an attorney may help you out here. 

Hence, before you work with an attorney, schedule an online or offline consultation. This may let the individual understand all the risks of handling the claim process.