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Tutorial: Using BarxBuddy To Stop Excessive Barking

All dog owners know just how much their beloved pooch becomes part of the family. They bring a lot of joy, wet kisses, and personality. But despite how loveable they are, furry family members can come with a unique problem: even some of the most well-trained dogs may bark nonstop. BarxBuddy Dog Training Device is […]

Ways To Deal With Pet Hair

Dealing with pet hair is a never-ending battle in most households. Most homeowners have pets which are notorious shedding breeds. Pets, especially cats, leave pet hairs everywhere; you can’t do away with shedding. These furry friends are more like family members and we love them dearly. When summer rolls around, this is the time pets […]

What To Know or Have Before Getting a Dog

A family is not complete without a dog as some may say but the truth is that not every family is ready for a dog. People often times get a dog without understanding the responsibility of taking care of another living thing. Those with children will understand this to a higher degree than those people […]