Article Rich Pets Shedding Situation? BarxBuddy Shares Top Reasons Why Your Pup Might Be Shedding

Shedding Situation? BarxBuddy Shares Top Reasons Why Your Pup Might Be Shedding

Dog Shedding Tips from BarxBuddy

Like humans, dogs also experience shedding as a way to maintain their skin health, as well as to regulate their body temperature. As a pet owner, however, this may be a cause for frustration, or even concern.

But not to worry, we’ve all been there. For most healthy dogs, shedding is natural, but for some, it might be the result of serious underlying health problems. 

BarxBuddy understands your plight, and is here to answer some of your most common questions related to dog shedding. We are an innovative pet and dog-product company dedicated to providing the optimal environment for animals, enabling pet-owners to assimilate their furry friends into their families.

We are constantly growing and improving, but our motto remains the same: to love and protect animals as best as we can. 

Why dogs shed

Why is My Dog Suddenly Shedding?

First and foremost, dog shedding takes place on different levels in different breeds. For instance, dogs like Newfoundlands, Labrador Retrievers and Bichon Frise shed a lot, while others, such as poodle and dachshunds do not as much.

Certain dogs shed seasonally, so don’t freak out if you suddenly find your carpet or couch covered in hair during the fall or spring. During springtime, your dog will prepare for the summers, thus the coat will become lighter.

Similarly, during fall, it will prepare for winters, leading to the shedding of excess hair. 

Shedding due to Poor Nutrition 

Some dogs might not react well to certain ingredients in pet foods, while others may simply not be getting ample nutrition to maintain a healthy coat. If you notice unusual shedding, make sure to evaluate your current dog food and invest in better-quality options rather than resorting to cheap supplies.

For this, you might even need to get in touch with your vet and get some recommendations on what to feed your dog. 

Dog Shedding Due to Allergies

At BarxBuddy, we believe that like us, our dogs also develop allergies caused by different irritants. To tackle this problem, you might be relying on certain medication that might not sit well with your pup, causing him to lose a lot of hair.

Furthermore, different stimuli in your surroundings, such as dust, chicken, beef, or mold might also trigger shedding. Make sure you monitor what your dog in consuming or coming in contact with, and get in touch with your vet for the right medication. 

Dog Shedding Due to Stress

Just as humans take their time to adjust to a new situation, so do dogs. If your dog is shedding excessively, it might be the result of a stressor caused by changes in the environment or upon the absence of a family member.

Trips to the vet might also cause anxiety and accelerate hair loss. 

BarxBuddy dog hair brush

How Do I Manage My Dog’s Shedding?

Besides taking good care of their health and keeping them away from stressors, regular bathing and proper grooming can also play a crucial role in managing hair loss.

Investing in a quality deshedding brush like the BarxBuddy Self-Cleaning Dog Brush is a good way to distribute the oils on their body and remove any dead hair. On top of that, a good lint remover or pet-hair vacuum will make life much easier.