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YouTube to MP3 Converters: Best Windows PC converters

There are some YouTube to MP3 converters that are specifically for Windows PC users. These converters are programs that can be downloaded and used on a Windows PC computer. Based on some research, these 5 YouTube to MP3 converters seem to be the best ones out there for Windows PC.  aTube catcher aTube catcher is […]

Mint Mobile review: Solid Cell Service

Mint mobile is an up and coming wireless service that can offer 12GB of 4G LTE data a month – at an incredible rate with fantastic coverage to match.   Mint mobile uses T-Mobiles network which is actually pretty good with access to 4G LTE data and over 2,000 towers across the nation. So, your device […]

Top Safety Rules in Any Chemistry Lab

If you’re a chemistry professional and spend a lot of your professional hours in a lab of one form or another. If that is the case, it will serve you quite well to re-introduce yourself to the many important safety rules that will help you – and the other scientists working around you – stay […]

Most Important Characteristics to Look for in a Real Estate Agent

When it comes to choosing the right real estate agent for you and your family – whether you are looking to buy a new house or sell your current one – there are a number of characteristics that you should be sure to look out for.  To try to help you on your journey to […]

Innovative International School in Bangkok

There are many schools in Bangkok. Most all of them teach either the standard Thai, British or American curriculum. However, there is one international school in Bangkok that is opening in August of 2020 that stands ready to introduce both parents and educators to a new and innovative type of curriculum.  This curriculum and education […]

Some Tips To Organise Your Work Space And Stay Productive

In any office, company or even in your study at home, there is very little that can be done in an area that is totally disorganised. Organisation is the key to success for any endeavour and it is important that you organise things so that they are easy to find and also so your working […]

The green laser that can erase printer ink

There is no denying that there are new and exciting innovations being released onto the market across all industries, and the print industry is certainly no different. There are many different exciting inventions that are currently in the process, helping us to save money and to reduce the emissions we are responsible for. In this […]

Find Your Passion: 4 Tips for Choosing a College Major

The prospect of settling on a college major is a daunting one, especially for students who genuinely aren’t sure what they want to do with their lives.  Unfortunately, one way or another, most students eventually must choose a path. While it’s crucial not to overthink or put too much stock in this process, the process […]

3 Tips for Finding the Most Fun Selfie Apps

It’s hard to believe that it wasn’t so long ago that we were stuck waiting with bated breath for our pictures to come back from vacation.  You didn’t know whether the pictures turned out. But that’s not necessary anymore with smartphones. Not only can you immediately see the pictures that you have taken but you […]

Jacques Poujade on Making a House More Sellable

Selling your home can sometimes feel like an uphill climb, particularly in a troublesome market. However, take heart. Jacques Poujade, LendPlus financial consultant and Managing Partner, has got you covered. Years of experience in the real estate industry has given Jacques the insider knowledge that you could use to your advantage as a seller. Here […]