Article Rich Productivity 5 Activities You Should Try to Stay Productive

5 Activities You Should Try to Stay Productive

There are nights when you go to bed knowing that you’ve had a day well spent – with that comforting feeling of purpose and productivity – then there are also days that end with so many frustrations and distraught.

Everyone has their productive days and slothful days. The major challenge is to stay productive, and the key is knotted to discipline. It takes work!

You can build up the habits and discipline with these concepts.

Things You Need to Stay Productive  

Goal Setting

With every task or project, the scope may seem overwhelming. However, as soon as you start setting goals and breaking down tasks for each one, you’ll realize how attainable things are.

When it comes to being productive, breaking down tasks into smaller goals is one of the most practical things you can do. You can start by identifying two things:

  • The pieces and assets you’ll need for each task
  • Who you have to talk to first?

After breaking up tasks, you need to set timelines for each by estimating how long each task will take.

Create an Achievable To-do List

Almost everyone has a to-do list, even if some don’t consider writing it down. However, the keyword here is “achievable.” You need to be very subjective when making your to-do list because you’ll only hurt your self-confidence if you include tasks you can’t accomplish.

Some tasks you can handle might take a longer time, so you have to be careful when allocating time. To avoid procrastination, don’t arrange tasks in order of preference. You can follow a to-do list strategy and make it work for you.

One Goal at a Time

Research has shown why multitasking is unproductive. Breaking down major tasks into smaller bits doesn’t mean you should multitask. Being productive demands focus, and multitasking is an excellent way to lose focus and welcome frustration.

No matter how easy a task might seem, give it enough time and attention to effectively get it done. For instance, you shouldn’t be reading this while checking your social media accounts or while driving. That’s unproductive.

Identify Your Peak Hours

While some are night owls, some remain day lovers. There’s nothing wrong with either; you just have to be certain of your productive nature. If you find it hard to get anything done during the day, yet you sleep all through the night, maybe it’s because you’re a night person who spends so much energy trying to be a day person.

The only way to really know is to try. As soon as you’re certain, channel all your major tasks to those hours of efficiency.

Make Time to Exercise or Walk

If you’re not used to exercising before, you can try going for short walks frequently after work. It could be in the park or down the street, with your pet or alone. The bottom line is not just to exercise your body, but to enjoy some alone time to meditate while taking in the fresh air. That is something social media cannot offer.


There’s no absolute manual to productivity, and things work differently for people. People don’t function the same. What works for someone else may not work for you.

To increase your productivity, you have to personalize whatever you can gather and begin from there to see how it works. Take advantage of the momentum and start today!