Article Rich Productivity 3 Tips for Finding the Most Fun Selfie Apps

3 Tips for Finding the Most Fun Selfie Apps

It’s hard to believe that it wasn’t so long ago that we were stuck waiting with bated breath for our pictures to come back from vacation.  You didn’t know whether the pictures turned out. But that’s not necessary anymore with smartphones. Not only can you immediately see the pictures that you have taken but you also can retake a picture if it didn’t turn out that well. 

I love taking selfies and I recently started looking for apps that I could use to take my selfie game to the next level. I was so glad to come across a very useful article – Top 10 Selfie Apps. I found quite a few apps that I’ve downloaded to my phone.

Top 10 Selfie Apps

Below are some things I’ve discovered over my years of selfie-taking.

Use Editing Programs for Your Selfies

Selfies are so popular these days mainly because of the technology available. Years ago, you’d have to find someone willing to take your picture if you wanted your picture taken. Then you’d have to hope that picture is perfect, only to often be disappointed when the picture developed.

These days, because of cell phones, everyone can take their phone and take a picture of themselves. Not only did it remove the need for someone else to take the picture, but it also gave them instant gratification. In addition, these programs often have features that allow editing of the photo. It’s easy to crop the picture, fix colors and add filters in just seconds.  These are all simple and easy for just about anyone to do. Simply go into the editing programs and see what you can do to change your selfie and enhance it in ways you wouldn’t imagine.

Instagram Changes the Selfies Your Kids Take

It used to be that a picture was taken, developed, then thrown into a photo album or box. Then it’s found years later. But these days, pictures are taken and immediately seen by friends and family on things like Instagram changes that. Someone can take a picture, post it up on Instagram, add a couple of captions and hashtags and hit send. Now everyone knows what they are doing.

Since taking selfies is also about sharing as well as taking them, it’s essential to find the app that can safely and quickly share ideas with the world. Snapchat and Instagram are two of the most popular, but there are others like Retrica that can work too. Try each of these apps and see which will work best for your needs, or use all three and see what they can do for you.

A Good Selfie Can Create an Instant Celebrity Status

Combining an app that lets you share your selfies, pictures and creative ideas along with some tricks and skills can turn an ordinary person into a miniature celebrity. A lot of times, someone who continuously takes great selfies will connect with others because the person viewing the pictures thinks of themselves. When a person’s trusted due to their selfies, they often influence their friends and audience do and buy things they wouldn’t normally do. That app that the influencer downloaded is now opening a lot more doors.


A selfie is a lot more than a picture of yourself. It can help you get noticed and show a side of yourself to the world. Use some apps to create a new look for your selfies. Whether you add a border, some special effects, some goofy noses or something else, having an app to enhance your selfie can be a lot of fun.