Article Rich General Plays Big Role With Paramount’s New Bumblebee Movie Plays Big Role With Paramount’s New Bumblebee Movie

When it comes to blockbuster movies, it is safe to say corporate involvement and marketing play a major role in the movie’s success. In the case of the Transformers movie franchise, this corporate involvement has resulted in tremendous worldwide success over the years, and this continues for the latest installment BUMBLEBEE. With fans across the world eagerly anticipating its premiere, recently teamed up with Paramount Pictures and internationally-known toy company Hasbro to create even more buzz around the Chinese premiere of BUMBLEBEE.

For those who many need an update on the movie’s premise, it is set in the year 1987, where BUMBLEBEE is found in a California junkyard beaten up and battle-weary. Befriended by his human friend Charlie, who herself is trying to find her place in the world, BUMBLEBEE makes Charlie realize very quickly she has found no ordinary yellow VW Bug.

First becoming partners with TRANSFORMERS and Hasbro in 2017, Jingdong gave fans plenty to be excited about by releasing several mini-short features starring Optimus Prime and Red Knight, two prominent TRANSFORMER characters. In the shorts, both were fighting to protect the energon fuel source. Wildly popular with fans of the movie franchise, Jindgong decided to do the same for this year’s movie by releasing a series of three mini-shorts. In these features, which will feature Panasonic as well as Chinese menswear brand HLA, Red Knight alone will be protecting energon.

With being China’s largest online retailer as well as the nation’s biggest overall retailer, fans of these movies and their characters will be able to purchase many new and exciting products associated with these movies. By providing next-day and in some cases even same-day delivery to its customers, is able to serve more than 1 billion customers across China with a level of service that no other company in the world can match.

To get fans of BUMBLEBEE and TRANSFORMERS filled with even more anticipation and excitement, Jingdong has partnered with Hasbro to create and sell a Red Knight action figure. Released on December 29, 2018, sales of this item are reportedly moving at an incredibly fast pace, making fans of the movie have to work hard to make sure they get one for their very own, since it is only available exclusively on

And to make sure fans of BUMBLEBEE had even more to look forward in addition to the movie’s premier on January 4, 2019, Jingdong launched a “Super BUMBLEBEE Day” sales promotion. By doing so, the company pulled out all the stops for its more than 300 million customers. This involved a variety of activities, all of which were designed to help market the movie and the various products associated with its premiere. One of the most exciting aspects was Jingdong outfitting delivery vans and delivery boxes across China with BUMBLEBEE-themed designs, which naturally made fans more and more excited as they strolled the streets and received their shipments. Along with this, fans could also purchase many types of movie-themed merchandise from Hasbro, HLA, Panasonic, and other companies, ensuring all the movie’s fans would be able to quench their thirst for all things BUMBLEBEE.

Continuing to set the standard for online shopping throughout China, has established itself as a company with a reputation for excellence, quality, innovation, and customer service. As a result, it is expected that with the excellent early results from these partnerships, fans of BUMBLEBEE and other popular movies in the years ahead will be able to look forward to many more marketing campaigns. In doing so, new products will be available for years to come.