Article Rich General Great Colour Combinations for Small Bathrooms

Great Colour Combinations for Small Bathrooms

If your bathroom is on the small side, you might not be aware that your choice of colours has an impact on how spacious the room will look, and according to the interior design experts, colour combinations do make a difference. Here are some of the colour combinations that are recommended for small bathrooms.

Teal & Cream

With teal as the primary colour, the contrast with cream or beige affords a spacious look and feel to a bathroom with limited space. Teal ceramic tiles on the walls, plus a luxury vinyl floor in a light brown shade is the ideal combination, with cream architrave to complete the look.

Black & Silver

An elegant combination, black should be the minority colour, with silver coming from chrome fittings and also from special silver ceramic tiles, and if you are looking for smart bathroom tiles, check out the amazing collection at Amber Tiles, a leading Australian tile supplier that stocks a wide range of home improvement products, all at affordable prices.

You would normally avoid dark colours in a small bathroom, but a touch of black works with silver, grey or white.

Magenta & Off-White

Blended with Victorian furniture, magenta walls with off-white trimmings really do look nice. There are ceramic tiles in all shades, and by searching online, you can be viewing tiles to find the right shade, and a secure online payment will see the good shipped to your home address.

Powder Blue & Lilac

This bright combination is perfect for a room with lots of natural light, and with white appliances and a rich colour blind, the room would be soft on the eyes and seem a little more spacious. Blue ceramic tiles on the walls will set the scene, and with white surrounds and a nice mirror, lilac can be represented with a rug or window blinds.

Neon Yellow & Brilliant White

If you like a vibrant and strikingly colourful bathroom ambience, why not choose a tile pattern that uses both shades? If the room has natural lighting, these colours will make it appear to me larger than it actually is, and keep accessories minimal, which gives the space more room.

Light Green & Salmon Pink

For the nature lover, light green bathroom tiles with salmon pink as a secondary colour makes for a refreshing combination, with an injection of white, you can a clean, fruity look that feels clean and airy. A light brown faux woodgrain finish in luxury vinyl is the ideal flooring for a bathroom, as it is durable and suited for wet environments.

Rust Orange & Beige

A stylish country look can be created using these two colours, with a matt paint finish and a Roman blind, plus some rattan baskets for storage and a touch of white around the borders.

All of the above work very well in a limited space bathroom, and if you would like further inspiration, Google images will help you to find the ideal layout for your bathroom.