Article Rich General Bong Buying Myths

Bong Buying Myths

If you’ve been thinking about getting a bong to smoke your cannabis with, then you will no doubt have done a lot of research online. You may have acquired a large amount of knowledge, but it’s hard to be sure what’s true and what’s false. If you need some guidance, then this article will help you. 

Many myths surround the purchase of bongs, and we would like to help you understand the facts. We’ve included the major bong buying myths in the article so that you don’t have to look elsewhere for information on these particular myths. 

  • Buying Bongs Online Costs More

Some people believe that if you buy a bong through the Internet, you’ll end up paying a lot more than if you simply went to a head shop. This is not true. The reason that it’s not true is that online stores can enter into agreements with bong manufacturers. In these agreements, the online store can choose to stock a lot more bongs than physical stores which are limited by the size of their floor space. Because they can stock more bongs, they can also sell them cheaply whilst making a profit. You’ll still get the best quality too because bongs can be ordered by online stores at a moment’s notice and displayed as a new listing.

  • It Is Illegal To Buy Bongs Online  

Buying bongs online is sometimes seen as shady or illegitimate by members of the public. There is a level of anonymity and mystery that isn’t present when you turn up at a shop in the real world. However, you can order a UFO pyramid tsunami bong or any other type of bong without having to worry. You do need to be over the age of 18, but as long as you satisfy this requirement then there will be nothing to worry about. There is no reason for anyone to assume that you are breaking the law or that you will be using your bong for the wrong purposes.

  • Your Bong Will Be Broken On Arrival 

It’s common to think that if you get a bong online, there is less protection and care involved in the packaging and transit of the bong. This is not the case. Most online stores will have terms and conditions that require them to take care when they are dealing with their customers, and that includes the delivery of bongs as well. Occasionally, you’ll even find shops that deliver a bong to you within 24 hours or sooner. If you want to ensure you get a good bong, then just check the reviews of the shop to see whether customers are happy or not. 

  • Your Bong Will Be Low Quality 

People occasionally receive bongs from online stores that are not up to the standards they were expecting. This is often the result if you don’t do your research into the online store you’re buying from. Most head shops that are selling bongs from official manufacturers will guarantee the quality of the bongs that they stock. As long as you order from one of these stores, you shouldn’t have any reason to be concerned. 

  • Conclusion 

These are just a few of the myths surrounding the purchase and delivery of bongs from online stores, but they are some of the most commonly mentioned in online forums and public debate. You can find others if you take a look, but they tend not to be as significant as the ones mentioned in this article. To ensure you don’t fall victim to any of these myths, make a note of the information you’ve discovered in this article and refer back to it whenever anyone talks about buying bongs online.