Article Rich General 3 Inexpensive Marketing Tips To Get Luxury Buyers Today: Do You Have The Courage To Implement them

3 Inexpensive Marketing Tips To Get Luxury Buyers Today: Do You Have The Courage To Implement them

Every organization is subject to effective marketing strategies to invite growth. Marketing and proper planning are the critical foundation for business growth. Thinking of luxury goods that are costly and occasionally bought doesn’t necessarily require expensive marketing tips. However, there is a massive market in luxury goods, with about 285.1 billion dollars market worldwide, and expected to grow to $388 billion in 2025, according to Statista. It’s only essential to materialize proper and cost-effective marketing techniques. Regardless of your firm’s capabilities, inexpensive marketing tips aid a great deal by allowing for more significant profit margins.

Tony Lux, the CEO of Tony Lux company, and as would prefer identified, ‘Original Inventor of Marketing Luxury Goods the French Way,’ has been the core of success in France’s popular organizations. He offers consulting and training sessions and would provide a full money-back guarantee on 100% of his offers. Tony Lux takes pride in information products that have brought him significant accomplishments from 23 years. He made his first 1M euros at an online launch, for a client, another 1M in 40 minutes for actual sales at a webinar in another industry. Check out more of his credentials at

Tony Lux is passionate about Luxury French Branding secrets, which he wrote once to be used by Americans, and would like to share more of that. He has also gone beyond the food, fashion, and cosmetic industries and would incline towards those not in the luxury brands. Lux is assertive that working with him for five days would help you access means that will help you generate over 2M of sales projections with a service fee of 40,000. 

3 Tips that have proven successful with most of his clients include:

  1. Educating your marketplace about how unique you (really) are

Information and great content are proven as overtaking marketing tips in any industry. It could be webinars, audio or video files, e-books, newsletters, articles. They dispense insights into the market, strengthening the sales force in a company. Also, these products have a way to drive good traffic to your website. They have proven to be productive with Tony Lux as he made his first million using this method. 

One one of his criteria is to be sure the content is worth paying for, but actually offered for free on behalf of the brand. It builds up authority, reciprocity, and creates a positive dynamic in the new relationship with the audience: if they are getting so much value without paying, they assume that the paid offers will be incredibly much more valuable. 

Rolex did this when they constantly explained, in 1966 and in the following year,, why their watches are unique: it takes one full year to make a single Rolex watch, it is fully handmade, made in Switzerland, it has 405 unique pieces which have to be assembled separately, out of the 50+ million watches made in Switzerland, only 243 000 are certified chronometers… 

Image here of the unique Rolex ad in French:

The goal is to offer the most qualitative content when it comes to what is offered for free, says the Tony Lux, and to impress them before they buy anything. He calls it the marketing of love. According to research, over 1.95 billion websites use info-products to generate sales and are three times more productive. This is one of the most economical ways as it mostly needs an internet connection. However, not everyone can be complacent using this business model as it requires motivation and will. If you fear putting yourself out there, speaking to the public, lack editing skills or creativity, you might let the idea go. It’s, nonetheless, advisable to consider this model, as a broader market exists online.

  1.  Focus on the value other than the money.

According to Tony Lux, a vast population focuses on money rather than the value of their products and services. As a result, they end up failing day after day of toiling. The value of your brand is what makes customers smile, thus driving traffic to your business. It is in quality that customers would stick to your brand and be free ambassadors to it. This is a priceless tip, especially for luxury products, where you could sell few but make huge profits. It takes courage not to focus on money but the value of your brand.It means to avoid constantly weakening your brand with promotions. 

  1. Turning ambassadors into promoters of your brand, for free.

You could make an offer to a ‘public figure’ client, asking them to recommend you to their friends and fans. There is a way to do it for free and to attract such royal clients as well as the general public. Just by giving credits, voicing your products’ benefits, and recommending the products to their fans could be a deliberate win strategy. Achieving this requires acting beyond your fears, finding such clients, and convincing them of your products’ quality. You have to get to the expanse of offering a free sample. Check out its effectiveness on Louis Vuitton who built his valuable brand using this Lux’s French technique here.

Tony Lux has proven these tips to be a victory, considering the entrepreneurs who have employed them. They yet, need creativity, patience, courage, and motivation. So are you fit to enforce them? There are much more French ways of branding, and you could check at the firm’s website, or reach out to him by his:

Instagram account, or LinkedIn.