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Choosing the Area and Style of Script Tattoos

When it comes to script tattoos, this font style is important in transmitting or portraying someone’s personality, simplicity, and honesty. It is the best reflection of a sensitive soul where the person wants to depict something original and special.

The Gothic Style

Cursive letters have been very popular in tattoos for a long time. It is noteworthy that during the 90s, the gothic style of capital letters did a lot of damage and left the choice of cursive font cornered to a minority.  Luckily, that stage passed and the large and coarse letters of the British and German Gothic style faded at the end of the Middle Ages and gave way again to the finer and more elaborate type.

The Italic Style

The italic style has evolved a lot, as are the tastes of the people who ask to be tattooed. It has gone from a precise and exact style to something freer and lighter. In this sense, the contribution of female aesthetic tastes has the main role, the letters are more personal, and reflect better sensitivity and individuality.

Choosing the Area

Where do most people get their letters tattooed? It is usually decided before the time of placing the text. Most people try to get ideas before approaching a tattoo artist while some people might wait to get ideas from the tattoo artist.

For women, the choice is usually:

  • The Upper Back
  • The Shoulders
  • Above the Breast
  • Behind the ears
  • The Thighs
  • Lower back

For men, it is usually:

  • The Neck
  • The Arms
  • The Legs
  • The Ribs

Logically, you should tattoo script tattoos where you can see them. However, some people prefer to hide it behind the ear while others really don’t care.

Name Tattoos

To show deep love, admiration, respect, honor, or remember a loved one, many people find name tattoos to be a perfect idea. It has its advantages at different levels, either in terms of economics, with respect to size, location, and, especially, when it comes to choosing the right tattoo artist. The truth is that name tattoos are extremely popular, and the same happens with the cursive font because:

  • It gives that name a special touch
  • It gives the name style
  • It gives the name finesse and visual appeal

Its Symbol

If you are considering tattooing a word or name, the cursive, italic, or script letter may be ideal as it is a letter capable of denoting elegance, romance, and style. For those who want to tattoo something that symbolizes love, respect, or any of the connotations mentioned at the beginning, this may be a good option instead of taking a risk with something like a realistic portrait. A portrait can bring a lot of problems, especially if the right tattoo artist is not chosen. In addition, costs are going to drop considerably, and script tattoos can be easily located and done smaller, among other things.


There are many sources for cursive tattoo designs and if you are looking for the ideal one for you, there are only a few steps to finding them. A very good tool to find the font you want is looking on the World Wide Web. However, if you are a client, it is best to go to your tattoo artist for ideas. Most tattoo artists have hundreds of examples of script tattoos you can choose from.