Article Rich Pets Tutorial: Using BarxBuddy To Stop Excessive Barking

Tutorial: Using BarxBuddy To Stop Excessive Barking

All dog owners know just how much their beloved pooch becomes part of the family. They bring a lot of joy, wet kisses, and personality. But despite how loveable they are, furry family members can come with a unique problem: even some of the most well-trained dogs may bark nonstop. BarxBuddy Dog Training Device is about to become your next “man’s best friend.” It’s been a real lifesaver for me, and I’ve seen how it made a big difference in my own pup’s behavior. The best part?  Just how simple the device is to use.

Step 1

BarxBuddy really just works with the click of a button. When your dog starts barking, the first thing to do is stay calm. Don’t react or make any loud noises. Instead, grab your BarxBuddy Dog Training Device and slowly get closer to your dog.

Step 2

Point the BarxBuddy Training Device at your dog, and make sure he or she can see you. Press the button on the top of the device. This will set off the high-pitched tone that’s not detectable to humans, but don’t worry, your pup will definitely hear it. And rest assured, the sound doesn’t hurt them, it just gets their attention. Getting your dog’s attention when they’re barking uncontrollably can be one of the most challenging parts of fixing this behavior, in my opinion. BarxBuddy has made this step simple, easy, and safe.

Step 3

Once you have your dog’s attention, use this as a training opportunity. You can use a variety of techniques, but during this time, I like to step towards my dog to get her to sit. Once she’s seated, I let go of the button, to stop the high-pitched tone, and have her stay where she is. Sometimes, if she starts to get riled up again, I’ll use the BarxBuddy with the LED light, to add a visual element. 

Step 4

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I like to make sure my dog stays calm for a little while after I’ve stopped the BarxBuddy. Give your dog a few moments to stay where they are. Once your pup is calm, it’s always a great idea to offer some positive reinforcement to solidify the training. Maybe give them some of their favorite treats and praise them for their good behavior. I always keep some treats with me on my walks, along with my BarxBuddy, for times just like these.

Other uses

I’ve found that BarxBuddy can be very helpful when my dog starts barking, or even misbehaving in other ways. Our furry family member is notorious for chewing on blankets and pillows, and with the help of BarxBuddy, we’re making some real progress in correcting that behavior. 
I’ve even heard from others who have another use for the device. They like to keep it handy, in case they encounter another dog which barks at them or threatens their safety. The BarxBuddy Dog Trainer is certainly versatile and can be useful for all kinds of difficult behaviors in dogs. My favorite part is how effective, simple, and safe it is to use. Want to see BarxBuddy Reviews like this? Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more customer reviews!