Article Rich General Parcel Delivery Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

Parcel Delivery Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

With the current customers who are digitally connected, parcel delivery companies have been forced to rethink their traditional parcel delivery. Customers are looking for greater convenience and options such as the same day or next day delivery when buying and receiving products. Below are several delivery trends that post and parcel companies must watch out for and react into as we move to 2020:

Track Parcel Rates

Whether you are ready or not, track parcel rates are going up. For the last more than ten years, the track parcel rates have been trending upwards to the tune of 6% annually. These are predictable increases that parcel carriers must find a way of infusing them into their pricing structures. Not many industries can be able to impose such rate hikes on their customers.

Announced Versus Actual Rates

In most cases, announced rate increases might not align with actual rates. For example, national parcel carries such as UPS and FedEx may announce a rate increase of 4.9% in a particular year. But in reality, the rate increase might turn out to be 6.1% by the time the year starts. The difference of 1.2% may be as a result of additional surcharges, fluctuating fuel costs, and other unforeseen fees that are difficult to predict. All these can have an impact on transportation costs.

Fuel Surcharges

Fuel surcharges are a cost that is not going away. This cost was meant to protect the parcel companies in times when the diesel and gas prices were high. But this cost is still levied even though the prices of fuel have since receded. Parcel carriers do publish their fuel charge increases but don’t officially announce the parcel transportation cost increase. Fuel prices may be affected by the new era of volatility in 2020, so expect to see some changes ahead.

Terms and Conditions

There is a high probability that your parcel terms and conditions will change in 2020. Just the way you see the credit card companies surprise customers with new guidelines on rates, it is the same way parcel carriers also tweak to these agreements, which comes with no prior notice. Not all new terms can favor consumers. It is for this reason that the companies should be alert to these changes. For instance, a slight change in wording can add up some hidden fees for the company that uses parcel transportation to get its goods delivered.

Push Backs On Rate Hikes 

In some cases, parcel carriers may have the opportunity to push back on rate hikes. Push backs on the rising rates and surcharges can create more transport cost efficiencies. Parcel carries weave this resistance into their annual hidden costs and rate hikes. Most package carriers know how to navigate these obstacles to optimize their parcel delivery services hence create the best saving opportunities for their customers.


For a company to be successful in the modern world, it should have the capacity to deliver locally and internationally. So, parcel companies should be prepared to provide such a service while adhering to all the set rules and regulations in a due manner.