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Planning Your Next Summer at Camp — as an Adult

Too many people believe that being a grown-up means foregoing fun things. You have to go to work and pay bills, and that means you don’t have time or energy for exciting or new experiences, right?

The truth is, all the fun things you did as a kid can be even more fun when you are an adult, and the best evidence for this is summer camp. Believe it or not, you have an array of options for learning, exploring and having fun with fellow campers, just as you did so many summers ago. Here are some of the most enriching options for adult summer camps across the U.S.

Space Camp

It’s never too late to start training to be an astronaut. In fact, NASA expects that most future teams aboard the ISS and shuttle missions will comprise a mixture of civilians and military personnel. As long as you are in good shape and have the right knowledge base, you could have a shot at making it into space in your lifetime. Even if you don’t have cosmic aspirations, you might have a passion for the stars that you can slake from the comfort of terra firma.

Fortunately, NASA offers a space camp exclusively for adults, to give you the feel for the astronaut lifestyle and/or teach you about the wonders of space. This two-night camp experience in Huntsville, Alabama allows you to live in the Space Academy Habitats, where real astronauts live and train. The cost is steep, at nearly $550 per person, but becoming an astronaut will never be free.

Golf Camp

Then again, if you want to perfect a skill that you can utilize in your current life, you might consider enrolling in a camp that will improve your golf swing. There are several golf camps to consider, from one- or two-day events that give you quick tips and tricks for a better game to much longer camp stays that put you in touch with celebrity golfers and trainers as well as custom clubs, detailed swing analysis and more.

Even better, I found golf camps near me that fit my family’s summer schedule, so I could adjust my swing while my kids were away on their own camp adventure. Ultimately, golf camp is an affordable way to make major strides in your golf game and enjoy a summer treat.

Yoga Camp

For kids, summer camp is a way to relax — it lets them get out all the energy and excitement they are forced to keep in throughout the school year. Adults can relax at camp too, especially if they seek out a yoga camp in a tranquil and serene environment. There are countless yoga camps to choose from, but some of the best include:

  • House of Voga: a funky yoga retreat in the mountains of Morocco that features surfing and dancing in addition to yoga.
  • The Reset Button: a luxurious yoga camp that includes access to a nutritionist, a mindfulness coach and a masseuse.
  • Yogarosa: a yoga camp in Ibiza, Spain that focuses on healing, self-care and self-love.
  • Firelight Camps: a yoga retreat in Upstate New York that really leans into the summer camp vibes.

Relationship Camp

Summer camp does more than teach kids how to tie knots and follow hiking trails; it also teaches them to form strong friendships with others, to value their own unique talents and to appreciate the beauty of the world around them. All of these are skills that adults seem to lose as they age.

Though any summer camp might improve your relationships with yourself, your loved ones and your community, there are camps that are built to do just that. Take, for example, Connection Camp in New Jersey, which is a three-day experience with more than 40 workshops intended to strengthen your connections. Again, the price per person is high at $635, but the altered worldview should make it worthwhile.

Grilling Camp

One of the best summer activities is having people over for a good, old-fashioned grill-out. Yet, if your grill skills aren’t up to snuff, you might need to enroll in Meat Camp, an adults-only summer camp located on Belcampo Farms in Northern California. During this three-day, meat-filled extravaganza, you’ll live in luxury safari tends and sleep, breathe and (most importantly) eat grilled meats. You will learn how to butcher and cut different kinds of meats, how to use and maintain your grill and how to serve the best grilled foods imaginable.

It doesn’t matter what you loved most about camp — you can find it in an adults-only experience. Book your tickets for next summer soon, so you can look forward to your next adventure throughout the coming months.