Article Rich General Stay at a Hotel in Pattaya for an Exciting Holiday

Stay at a Hotel in Pattaya for an Exciting Holiday

The city of Pattaya is only two hours away from the sprawling metropolis of Bangkok. Yet, in booking a hotel in Pattaya, you’re in for an exciting holiday of fun and sun in a resort that feels like it’s far away from the big city. 

Pattaya may be a small city, but it has many attractions to fill your days with all the colour and excitement that a holiday in Thailand promises. Best of all, every attraction worth seeing and enjoying is within walking distance or a short drive of your hotel in Pattaya, no matter where in the city you’re staying. 

Pattaya is Famous for its Nightlife

If nightlife is what you’ve come to experience in this beautiful city on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand, then you’re in the right place.

The city is world-famous for the variety of nightlife it offers, whether you want to explore the bars and nightclubs of Walking Street or discover the vibrancy and colour of the cabaret shows at Tiffany’s, or take in an evening of Muay Thai boxing. 

If you want to walk the tropical beaches in the moonlight, Pattaya and Jomtien offer kilometres of white-sand beaches that allow you to do just that. Stop in at one of the restaurants and bars along the beaches for a cocktail or a late-night snack.  

Getting around in Pattaya

Pattaya makes it easy, convenient and inexpensive to get around the city as well. From your hotel in Pattaya near the beach, you’re within a short walk of Beach Road or Pattayasaisong Road (also called Second Road). 

Walk to either of these roads, and you’ll see a parade of dark blue pickup trucks with their beds converted into passenger compartments. These are called Baht buses, and they run a regular circular route south along Beach Road and North along Second Road.

Just jump aboard one of these buses and take it as far you want. When you want to disembark, just ring the bell, and the driver will pull over. They only cost ten Baht per ride, and they have routes that go up to the inland Sukhumvit Road along the major roads that head away from the beach. 

They also go over the hill to Jomtien so that you can explore the beaches, restaurants and bars of this quieter town to the direct south of Pattaya. 

Take a Day-trip to Ko Lan

There is also an island that you can visit for a day simply by taking a short ferry ride from the Bali Hai Pier at the southern end of Walking Street. The island is called Ko Lan, and it has some pristine beaches on it that offer a great place for a picnic lunch.  

From your hotel in Pattaya, just take a Baht bus to Walking Street or book a Baht bus, hail a taxi, or motorcycle taxi to take you directly to the pier. 

Pattaya offers both daytime fun in the sun and nightlife that’s convenient to get to and provides all the colour, excitement and fond memories of Thailand.