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Innovative International School in Bangkok

There are many schools in Bangkok. Most all of them teach either the standard Thai, British or American curriculum. However, there is one international school in Bangkok that is opening in August of 2020 that stands ready to introduce both parents and educators to a new and innovative type of curriculum. 

This curriculum and education model have been designed around the results of years of educational research. This research has shown that well-educated students today still aren’t fully prepared to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing career and job markets of both the present and future. 

Design Thinking Process

The design thinking process taught in this international school in Bangkok stresses a human-centered approach to education. The approach relies on learning interdisciplinary skills that will serve the students well no matter the path or career they choose to follow later in life.

This design thinking process also encourages creativity in the way students approach problem-solving and uses a project-based daily curriculum. The project-based curriculum exposes students to many subjects, taught by a team of teachers in each cohort, or grouping of children. 

The education principles also utilize empathy and human understanding to create valid and impactful solutions to the problems they face in their studies and projects. By stressing the fact that life is a series of hurdles that one must overcome to be happy and successful, they foster well-adjusted students capable and of taking on the unforeseen challenges of the future. 

Community Ecosystem

The new Bangkok international school has also created a network of local and global organizations and community members who are ready to offer their help in preparing the school’s students for the future. They will do this by presenting real-world problems and solutions. By dissecting these problems and their ultimate solutions, the students will gain some perspective into how problems are solved on both a professional and humanistic level. 

This community ecosystem will also act as a conduit to open doors into each student’s interests and passions. They will present examples of what it’s like to work in the role of a doctor, scientist or researcher. 

Developing the Individual

The international school in Bangkok will develop all aspects of the student by cultivating a learning environment in which the child is free to explore the world around them. By giving the students the freedom to explore their passions, the child will develop their physical, social, intellectual and emotional skills organically.

They will become self-assured individuals who are competent in their abilities and motivation. Through the organic development of the different aspects of the whole person, they will learn the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle and become ready to take on the challenges of the future. 

The school is called the Verso International school. If you’re interested in learning more about the school, teachers, and the education provide by this innovative international school in Bangkok, please get in touch with them to schedule a consultation and tour of their campus.