Article Rich General The Inner Workings of a Gaming PC: What you Should Know

The Inner Workings of a Gaming PC: What you Should Know

It might be that you are looking to upgrade your gaming PC but have no desire to pay the high prices in the retail stores, or you would like to develop your IT knowledge and build yourself a powerful gaming machine.

Gaming PC’s are very powerful now a days and you can even connect your Xbox controller to your computer. Whatever your motivation, here is a guide to the inner workings of a desktop PC. Once you have a nice gaming computer built, you can check out gaming news and play the top games in 2021.

The Mainboard

Often referred to as the motherboard, this piece of kit is the very foundation of the computer, where all the separate components are connected. There are many different configurations, therefore when building a PC, great care should be taken choosing the mainboard, as it needs to have the ability to provide the computing power needed for a gaming PC. The best names include Asus, who have a reputation for making the best mainboards for gaming PCs.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The very heart of the computer, the CPU processes the data and sends it where it needs to go and if you want the current premier CPU, Intel’s corei9 is the business, while AMD also make great CPUs. When buying a CPU, you are strongly advised to go for the fastest model, as this will be average in just 6 months and after a couple of years, it will be almost obsolete.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

Every computer needs RAM chips, which give the OS extra memory space to use as it processes the huge amount of data. At present, a minimum of 16Gb of Ram is required for a gaming PC, while 32 and even 64Gb is common in top-notch builds. DDR4 RAM is considered the best at the moment, although the speed of IT hardware development is frightening, making it difficult to choose the best component.

Gaming Monitors

Once you have a powerpack of a PC, you will need a top-rated gaming monitor, with very high refresh rates, as playing action games online with someone on the other side of the world demands fantastic response to the controls. An online search will direct you to a supplier of the very best curved gaming monitors, which are designed with gaming in mind. If you are looking for the best room screening for gaming, here’s a few reasons why people prefer blinds to curtains.

Solid State Drives (SSD)

This is a great advance for gamers, as the old SATA drives were limited by the speed at which the disk spins (7200rpm), which meant that super-fast machines were held up by the read and write speed of the hard drive. Not anymore, as SSD drives are standard now and the faster processing speed is noticeable from the moment you boot up Windows 10.

VGA Card

This is the real star performer for the gamer and the Nvidia GeForce GTX is a firm favourite, which processes data so fast, it needs its very own cooling fans. Nvidia and Radeon have pretty much all of the market as far as gaming PCs are concerned and be prepared to pay close to $300 for the very best there is.

Gamers take computing very seriously and joining a few forums is strongly advised, as this will educate you in many ways and the life of a gamer involves keeping abreast with the latest IT hardware releases, fuelled by their desire to have the fastest machine to aid gaming skills