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Interlight: Buying Specialty Light Bulbs Online

When it comes to specialty light bulbs, Interlight is a proven industry leader, and has been dedicated to providing customers with thousands of high-quality specialty bulbs and batteries for decades. In fact, the founders of Interlight say their company has been in operation since the invention of TV tubes. Since then, Interlight has provided an impressive online selection of bulbs to its customers in a wide variety of industries, including commercial, medical, military, construction, aerospace, and education.

A Massive Inventory

Interlight Specialty Light Bulbs has maintained its success over the years by keeping an impressively large inventory, one of the largest in the world. Interlight has more than 1 million bulbs in stock at all times, and is known for its specialty stock of bulbs that are typically hard to find. Plus, the company has very little backorders or lag time. And in the age of online shopping, Interlight also dropships orders for resellers and dealers alike.

Quality and Quantity

Part of Interlight’s success over the years comes from its dedication to top-quality products. They stock reliable brands and household names such as General Electric, Ushio, Sylvania, Westinghouse, Osram, Eiko, and Phillips. Interlight never compromises their quality for sales, and refuses to stock or distribute brands of questionable quality. Their bulbs also meet or exceed the strict specifications for the American National Standards Institute. 

Online and Accessible

Interlight boasts an impressive online inventory. It stocks a wide array of household and commercial products, along with specialty products such as TV lamps, projector lamps, bulbs for medical & dental equipment, stage, and studio lights. 

Excellent Service 24/7

Interlight has held its place at the top of the pack in part thanks to its quality service. 99% of its orders ship the same day, and in emergency situations, it’s even possible to receive your order on the same day. Interlight does boast a huge inventory, but in the event they don’t have your product, Interlight has specialists who are trained and dedicated to finding your product. Plus, Interlight is always ready to answer questions and help customers, with their 24/7 live online chat center.

Customers First

Interlight has proven its success by ensuring its trained specialists help customers find the products that best suit their needs. Interlight supplies customers with tons of information on its website, such as information on Compact Fluorescent Bulbs, which can save households hundreds of dollars. On Interlight’s website, they also answer many other questions which can help customers, such as why halogen bulbs last longer than a regular incandescent light bulb. 

Decades of Specialty Bulbs
When it comes to specialty light bulbs and batteries, Interlight has made a name for itself as an industry titan over the years. Interlight Specialty Light Bulbs has proven its success for decades by maintaining its dedication to a huge inventory. It has one of the most impressive online inventories for specialty bulbs and batteries, and has proven to customers that it will continue to be the industry leader. And with Jeffry Graham as the CEO, the possibilities for Interlight are endless.

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