Article Rich Small Business Darien Dash is Here to Serve with the Jack Brewer Foundation

Darien Dash is Here to Serve with the Jack Brewer Foundation

Darien Dash is one of those business collaborators that potential investors clamor to meet with, and future clients hope to hear back from as soon as possible. Dash is a “mover and a shaker” in the most classic sense of the phrase: He’s well-connected, well-respected, and consistently delivers results.

Add to that his personal reputation for kindness, authenticity, and attention to detail, and partnering with Darien Dash tends to be both fruitful and fun. Loyal to his long-time collaborators and business partners, Dash considers his boutique management and advising agency, The Movement Advisors, to be more of a family than a firm. He’s devoted more than three decades to managing a range of clients from high-net families, celebrities and professional athletes to startup entrepreneurs and mom and pop-style storefronts.

Jack Brewer, former team captain of the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings, New York Giants, and Philadelphia Eagles, is one such long-time colleague and friend.

“Jack and I were friends before we were in business together,” stated Dash. “Jack’s one of those rare individuals that I was lucky to meet early in my career, and we’ve found several ways to collaborate over the years.”

“Darien has been a long-time mentor and friend, and he’s the first call I make when I need advice on how to make my next business or major life move,” said Jack Brewer.

Darien Dash and the Jack Brewer Foundation

Dash was recently appointed to the Jack Brewer Foundation’s Board of Directors. The Jack Brewer foundation was formed in 2006 and has devoted its time and resources to the empowerment of women and children living in underdeveloped communities.

“Having the opportunity to serve on the board for Jack’s foundation is a privilege,” said Dash. “I believe very strongly that giving my time and attention to the kind of community initiatives that Jack’s foundation has in place is as essential as serving on an executive board of a multi-billion-dollar corporation.”

“Darien’s insight and experience on our board is a gift, and we’re grateful for his involvement,” said Brewer. “He’s the kind of board member who promotes out-of-the-box strategic thinking and will help us find innovative ways to provide more for the communities we serve.”

“He is both a mentor and friend,” said Brewer, “And he consistently offers some of the most insightful advice for my professional aspirations, and now I’m able to see his influence directly applied to my foundation.”

The organization provides food security, access to educational resources, medical aid and disaster relief, and promotes peace and conflict resolution through positive cultural exchange.

The Jack Brewer Foundation is responsible for the JBF Worldwide Global Ambassadors program, which promotes peace, social change, and support of underdeveloped areas through sports.

The organization is responsible for shipping containers of medical supplies and equipment valued at more than $500,000. They’ve also supplied more than 300,000 meals and nearly 100,000 soccer balls to areas of extreme poverty in countries including Malawi, Haiti, Egypt, and China.

One of JBF Worldwide’s most successful initiatives was following the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti. The group partnered with the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund and the player associations of the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB to establish “One Team 4 Haiti.”

JBF worldwide has shipped more than $500,000 in medical supplies to the people of Haiti.

“Jack Brewer is an inspiration and is one of the most caring and dedicated humans I’ve worked with and known over my career,” said Dash. “Getting to work with the Jack Brewer Foundation is nothing short of a privilege, and I’m honored to be able to be a part of this important mission. Being able to partner with Jack and his foundation is both a professional and personal dream for me.”

“I’m able to fulfill my passion for promoting the growth of a brand and organization and also see the direct impact my work has on a community that needs it.”

JBF Worldwide Global Ambassadors also works closely in supporting a nationwide cervical cancer clinic and partners with the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

To Serve the Community is a Higher Calling

Darien Dash also serves as a director of 414 Media Advisors, The Movement Management Group, Ounce Water, Dunkin Donuts Franchise Growth Partners, and is a former board member of the National Urban League and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

His three-decades-long career interweaves between large, nationally recognized brands, philanthropical initiatives, high-net worth families, famous celebrities in the music and sports industry, and has included multibillion-dollar technology corporations.

highlight early in his career was as the mastermind behind one of Bill Clinton’s most successful initiatives as president.

“I was the CEO of DME Holdings Group, which collaborated with Hewlett-Packard and AOL to provide access to computers, Internet and technology to marginalized populations in the mid-1990s,” explained Dash. “This was a population that was being left behind in the dot com boom of the mid to late 90s. Because of the work we did and the influence of President Clinton on this initiative, these inner-city and rural communities were able to have access to computers and other equipment needed to catchup and keep up  in this digital age.”

“I’ve always had a close relationship with a higher power and believe that serving the community is the most important thing we can do as humans,” said Dash. “When we show compassion, empathy, and equity to marginalized and underdeveloped communities, we build social karma.”

“Of all the deals I’ve brokered and overseen throughout the years, working with community-based initiatives has largely been some of the most challenging and rewarding work I’ve ever done,” he continued.

A Mentor and Community Leader

Darien Dash has spent his career finding ways to improve the lives of his clients and his community. He has come to view each opportunity or potential collaboration to enhance the community.

“I’m grateful for the opportunities I encounter in this line of work, and to serve those who have been marginalized or underserved is an honor and a privilege,” said Dash.

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