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How Small Businesses Can Afford Excellent IT

As a small business owner, you may find yourself looking enviously at the IT departments utilized by big companies. You might think that this level of service and security is beyond your capabilities, but this is certainly not the case. 

Many small and medium-sized businesses receive excellent IT by teaming up with managed service providers, often referred to as MSPs. Outsourcing your IT to a company that offers managed services can provide you with clear, quantifiable value. It cuts costs, allows you to focus your IT strategies with expert advice and technical knowledge. Ultimately, working with an MSP will secure your business’s online presence whilst actively aiding business growth and enhancing your bottom line.

1. Cost Savings

One of the major barriers towards quality IT service for small businesses is the cost of hiring an in-house department. Even if this department consists of just one employee, partnering with an MSP will cost less than that one employee’s salary on a monthly basis. This removes a massive barrier for small companies. 

When you work with an MSP you will be receiving the combined expertise of several professionals, meaning you’re getting more for your money than you would get from a single employee. Furthermore, as most MSPs will provide a fully managed, 24-hour service, you can cut out other unnecessary software subscriptions, while resting easy knowing that your systems will be monitored 24/7, rather than just during normal working hours.

2. IT Strategy That Aligns with Business Goals

If you feel like your current IT strategy is messy, or even nonexistent, an MSP can help you find structure and create goals. You might not realize it if you’ve never tried it, but a brilliant IT strategy can actually aid your business growth and earn you more money, through streamlining your business operations and utilizing the latest software to its best effect

When you partner with an MSP, they will survey your system and get to know your unique business needs. This will vary depending on the industry you operate in and what type of business you run. They will then use their expertise to tailor your IT solutions, helping you to save money and work more efficiently.

3. Get Quantifiable Results

Slow connections and faulty IT can be one of the major causes of low productivity and employee stress. MSPs can improve your uptime rates if you struggle in certain areas like, streamlining collaboration and improving client-employee communication. 

Faster, smoother, more efficient systems lead to quantifiable results. Greater customer loyalty leads to increased profits and therefore the possibility for clear and sustained business growth. Take the leap and get IT support you can count on, and you will see your profits start to rise.

As a small business, hosting an in-house IT department is not the most efficient use of your budget. Instead, partner with an MSP for cost-effective IT solutions that can increase the operational efficiency of your business, streamline workflow and communications, and ultimately allow you to grow your business securely with quantifiable results and a vastly improved bottom line.