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10 Places You Often Forget to Clean

a ceiling fan which is often forgotten to have cleaned

Cleaning takes a lot of time and effort out of your day, and you often forget places that need a little attention here and there. But if you follow this list, you’ll be sure to hit a few of the more “forgotten” places that will help eliminate the dust being kicked up by your heater. 

A cleaning service will ensure these areas will always be wiped down and disinfected, so if you can’t find time to clean them yourself, you can always hire help to safely and effectively clean your home.

1. Washing Machine 

If your clothes aren’t smelling as fresh as they once did, it’s time to clean your washing machine! This can be done in a single cycle by simply running some vinegar and baking soda through it to help clear out any buildup.

2. Curtains

These need to be taken down and cleaned every month, and depending on the fabir, some can just go straight into the washing machine. However, make sure to read the label on your curtains or look up the care instructions for that type of fabric, for certain cleaning instructions there. Otherwise use your vacuum to suck off all the dust, and work your way down from the top. 

3. Door Frames

Just think about how often your hand grips the door, or how you lean against the doorframe with your hand—these are high-touch areas that often go undetected when it comes to cleaning! Use a damp cloth to wipe these down and sanitize them with some all-purpose cleaner.

4. Top and Bottom of Appliances 

The microwave, the fridge, the toaster; these are all places that could use a little wipe down from time to time. Particular focus is needed on the underneath areas with a duster and a damp cloth once a week. 

5. Baseboards 

Often forgotten about, these take a lot of dust and scrapes from high-traffic areas and could use a wet cloth and sometimes some mild soap to take off both the shoe marks and layer of dust that collect on them. 

6. Ceiling Fans 

Ceiling fans can build up layers of dust when not in use. Use a damp rag to wipe off each blade so the next time you turn them on you minimize the dust that will spill off them after months little to no use. 

7. Light Switches, Door Knobs and Cabinet Handles 

Think about how often people in your household touch those surfaces. All kinds of germs and bacteria accumulate on them, so try to wipe these down with a disinfectant once or twice a week.  

8. Throw Pillows

People often sit against these, especially guests, and over an extended period of time they need to be washed to reduce the amount of dust and bacteria they collect. Whether you have kids, or live on your own, it’s always a good idea to wash your pillows periodically to keep them looking and smelling fresh.

9. Dishwasher 

Just like the washing machine, the dishwasher needs a clean every so often. Run it through a cycle with some hot water and vinegar and you’ll have a clean dishwasher free of food and soap in no time. 

10. Remotes 

With the remote changing hands, you’ll want to ensure those germs aren’t sticking around for long! Take out the batteries and then wipe the whole thing down with some disinfectant about once a week. 

These are just a few items in your household frequently overlooked when it comes to your regular cleaning chores. Integrating these in a rotated schedule will help improve your health, and the safety of your household.