Article Rich Finance What Makes a Pickup Truck a More Valuable Purchase Than a Car?

What Makes a Pickup Truck a More Valuable Purchase Than a Car?

Are you in the market for a new vehicle? Are you torn between a car and a pickup? If you aren’t sure what to purchase, this article will help you make a more informed decision. Pickup trucks were once basic vehicles which didn’t come with all the mod cons you’ll find on new cars. They were mainly used for work-related purposes and owners didn’t care much for comfort and style. Things have changed and the pickup truck has grown in popularity.

Useful for All Situations

When you need to move bulky furniture and bring camping gear for your weekend away, can you count on a standard car? The answer is no, there simply isn’t enough room or power to store and transport heavy loads. New and used pickup trucks at Nene Overland can be used for all kinds purposes. There are so many things you can do with a pickup that a car cannot compete with.

  • Move heavy furniture
  • Tow heavy loads
  • Haul anything from camping accessories to work equipment
  • Give a bird’s eye view of the road ahead
  • Drive on nearly all terrain

Cars are great for getting you from A to B, but when you need something extra, a pickup is your best bet.

Safety on the Road

Pickups are designed to be powerful and carry heavy loads. You can have 5 people in a double cab, carry bulky furniture in the back and tow all your camping gear at the same time. Most pickups come with bull bars and other safety accessories that make the vehicle incredibly robust. If someone hits you on the road, there won’t be much of a dent in your pickup. According to several studies, small cars are the last vehicle you want to be driving when you are in a car accident.

A pickup is built like a tank, if something hits the vehicle, it usually sustains a lot more damage. Once you drive safety, your pickup will keep you well-protected in an accident.

All Weather

Pickups can be driven in all kinds of weather conditions, but you must be cautious on the road when you drive in extreme weather. Pickups handle harsh weather a lot better than a sedan or small hatchback. They are built higher up, so the exhaust isn’t close to the ground. If you are driving through a flash flood in a regular car, there is a good chance water will enter the exhaust and destroy the engine.

If a heavy snowfall occurs, you can high centre a car in deep snow. Because a pickup has more ground clearance, this doesn’t occur while you drive.

A standard car is fine for getting around the city, but when you need it to help you move or drive in bad conditions, it cannot live up to your expectations. Driving in rural locations where the roads aren’t as well kept is a risk in a car. Whereas a pickup has no problems due to their superior suspension. Pickups are versatile, stylish, comfortable, and safe to drive on all terrain.