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When to Get a Dark Web Scan

When browsing the web, you are only scratching the surface when it comes to finding the available information there. There are certain websites that won’t appear on your regular Google searches, and there are hidden services that can’t be accessed without specialist software. You see, there are secret sites and services hidden within the deeper realms of the internet, and they are often used for illegal purposes. We call this part of the internet ‘the dark web.’

Why Should You Care About the Dark Web?

As a business owner, it is easy to not worry about something you don’t work with, or see the effects of on a regular basis, but with your business information and data on the line, you may want to find the right services to look into it. 

A large part of the dark web is devoted to the buying and selling of stolen personal and financial information. If you have ever suffered a data breach, it could be that information pertaining to your business is being sold on the dark web, whether by an identity thief, or from any other type of cybercriminal looking to use your sensitive data. They can then use that information to infiltrate your systems, or pass that ability to others.

What Is a Dark Web Scan?

It’s reasonable not to access the Dark Web on your own, and there are companies who can do this on your behalf. An IT company with the proper tools available can comb through the databases of stolen usernames, passwords, and financial data that is available for sale on the dark web, and they can notify you if they find anything related to you, and your business. 

Dark web scans can’t access information from every hidden website online (there are far too many), but they can find data dumps of information that may pertain to your business. If found, you can almost guarantee that your data will be held by many site owners that operate within the dark web. 

Should You Get a Dark Web Scan?

Almost certainly, especially if you have been the victim of a data breach. However, you should also assume that your information has been accessed without you knowing it, as websites you have visited may have been hacked into by cybercriminals. The dark web scan will let you know if any of your information is on there, so for the benefit of your business, you should consult with a managed business cybersecurity professional at your earliest opportunity.

What Can You Do If Your Information Is on the Dark Web?

There are a number of steps you should take immediately. The first is to change all of your passwords, and even your username on those sites you visit regularly. You should also speak to your bank and credit company, as they may have evidence that potential financial transactions may have happened without your knowledge. 

Look at your bank and credit card statements; if you see something suspicious, contact the relevant financial institution and speak to the police too. And finally, do talk to a cybersecurity professional as we suggested earlier, as they will give you further advice with regards to the security measures you should take.


Your business is at risk, so never assume a dark web scan isn’t necessary. You need to take cybersecurity seriously, so use a managed security provider, and benefit from the resources that they can offer you and your business.