Article Rich General Sailing Destinations – Why Phuket is a Must-See Island

Sailing Destinations – Why Phuket is a Must-See Island

Phuket is one of the most popular destinations in South East Asia. The island offers something for everyone, from exciting nightlife to beautiful beaches. It is a place where you can party until your heart is content or take a meditation trip at a tranquil resort in the middle of a tropical rainforest. If you enjoy sailing, Phuket has so much to offer. There are lots of great private charter boat companies with all kinds of vessels in their fleet.

Haven for Sailing

The reason why so many people choose Phuket as a holiday getaway is simple, it is a mecca for sailing. Where else would you find an island which is surrounded by turquoise coloured water and lush green vegetation? The Andaman Sea that encircles the island is perfect for sailing as the waters are generally clear and calm all year round. There is something for everyone here, whether you are a beginner or a group wishing to charter a private yacht. If you’d like to rent a boat, you can have a look at what is on offer at

Variety of Island to Explore

There is a good reason why Phuket is ranked as one of Thailand’s premier destinations. It is consistently classed as the best island in the country for tourists to visit and enjoy. There are just so many islands that surround Phuket, some are more well-known, while others are hidden gems only found by a lucky few. The best way to explore the islands is to charter a private boat and have an experienced captain and crew show you around.

Snorkelling & Diving Trips

When it comes to snorkelling and diving, there are options all around Phuket. You can go on a day trip with a local company or you can charter your own boat and have the captain take you to some pristine locations. If you decide to go on a snorkelling or dive trip, make sure the operator follows strict water safety guidelines. The sea surrounding Phuket is full of exotic marine creatures, you’ll be enchanted by the diversity that lives around the island.

Delicious Cuisine

If you plan on doing some sailing in Phuket and you’ve decided to charter a private boat, the staff will introduce you to some of Thailand’s most famous dishes when you sit down for lunch. As your boat cruises along the unique archipelago, your crew will serve up some of the tastiest meals you’ll encounter anywhere in the world – Thai cuisine is famous all across the globe.

The great thing about chartering your own private boat is that you can stop anywhere to sample the local food, or you can choose to have it on-board if you wish.

If you want to enjoy a truly breath-taking location for sailing, Phuket island should be on your list. It has all the right features to make your sailing trip incredible. If you plan on chartering your own private boat, you’ll find several first-class operators on the island. This gives you access to an experienced captain and a professional crew.