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Buying Property? Avoid Any Issues with a Pre-Purchase Inspection

Buying a new property is a big decision and for most of us, it is the biggest investment we will ever make. If you are planning on purchasing a new property, whether residential or commercial, it is best to have it inspected. An experienced building inspector will go through everything to ensure the property is in order. Here is why you should include it as part of the buying process.

Inspecting Foundations, Exterior & Interior Walls

A skilled building inspector will look for any issues with the foundations, exterior walls, or interior walls. What they are mainly looking for is cracks, if they notice any issues they will take a further look to see if the problem is a minor or major one. Jim’s Building Inspections in Perth carry out detailed evaluations of properties for anyone thinking about buying a property.

Although most cracks can be covered, and the problem is superficial, more serious damage can indicate structural issues. If there is substantial damage to the property, it could lead to a collapse of the wall, ceilings, floor, or roof. Any experienced inspector will be able to identify any problems and provide a detailed report to the buyer.

Old Wiring

When you move into a new property, you want to be sure that it is safe and has the correct wiring to support the building. When you have found a good real estate agent, you can ask them about pre-purchase inspection specialists. They are involved in the property market, so most of them can recommend a knowledgeable building inspector.

To ensure you are not buying into a potential fire hazard, a building inspector will assess the wiring to see if it needs to be upgraded. If they find that the wiring is old and potentially dangerous, you can speak to the seller to see if they can replace old wiring or drop the asking price on the property.

Insect Inspections

Termites can do all sorts of damage to properties, especially if they have been left vacant for a few weeks or months. A qualified building inspector will be able to provide pest services to see if the property has any issues. All sorts of residential and commercial properties are affected by termites, they cause detrimental damage, and many buildings need extensive repairs once they have been identified. If property owners do not deal with termite infestations, they can cause havoc to any home or business.


In older homes, you will often find the presence of asbestos. This can be a dangerous substance if disturbed, so it is best to have the property checked to ensure it is asbestos free. If there are some materials in the property containing asbestos, you will need to know about it before you purchase the property.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to have a property inspected by a professional before you decide to buy. The buyer is generally the one who initiates the inspection to ensure the property they plan on purchasing is in a good condition. Property inspectors check everything from smoke alarms to the presence of asbestos.