Article Rich General Does Couponing Really Save Money?

Does Couponing Really Save Money?

Have you ever considered couponing to save money but you weren’t sure if it was worth it?

The truth is it varies among people, locations, and coupons. While everyone in America has used coupons at one time or another paper coupons are by far the most popular. The paper variety is not the only form of couponing being done however, there is also printing online coupons as well as using mobile offers and apps.

These methods may not save you as much as you might think. When used wisely coupons can be a great way to save money on things you intended to purchase anyway. Though according to Consumer Reports magazine, 63 percent of people admit to buying things they don’t need to because they have a coupon or it is on sale. This often leads to spending more than they had initially planned to.

So even if you are not an extreme couponer should you give up on coupons?

Even with the disadvantages coupons can still be beneficial, saving you money on things you had already planned to purchase by using an online code or an app such as Honey that finds codes for you automatically. When you fill-up your cart with extra things you don’t need to get free shipping online or buy things you have no need or use for because of an email noting 50 percent. This also goes for grocery coupons, buying something with a coupon you were going to buy anyway is smart. Buying something no one in your family likes because a coupon is not, you would save more by passing on that all together.

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