Article Rich General JD Offers AI Content Generator for E-Commerce Platforms

JD Offers AI Content Generator for E-Commerce Platforms

JD launched the content generation solution in 2019 based on its robot Li Bai and Shakespeare. Online merchants and content marketers can create images and texts, or clips in less than a minute using AI and big data. According to the China-based retailer, E-commerce is a great source of data and opportunities for various applications, while AI is an effective tool for improving operational efficiency. 

Marketing experts have revealed that video descriptions are gaining prominence among the leading e-commerce platforms as they have shown better conversion rates as compared to texts and images. Statistics from the company have shown that daily view count of short videos posted on its platform during shopping festivals can reach 2 billion.

Usually, creating a video is time-consuming and costly. By using “JD Lightning,” you can generate videos automatically within a few seconds, making it a perfect tool for every e-commerce platform. Once you have entered the product ID on, the content-generating tool will automatically retrieve product images and texts. 

AI algorithms will select materials, rank them, and match them with some music to produce videos. Recently, revealed that the adoption rate of the AI text generator had reached 90%. “Lightning” is also continuously learning and making improvements where necessary. One of the unique features of the tool is the natural language processing technology (NLP). 

When you enter a few keywords on, NLP enables users to direct the AI text generator to create unique marketing content based on their intentions, and content suitable for a variety of marketing materials. Additionally, machine learning helps the tool to keep learning from product information, customer reviews, and online content based on the current trends and improve the quality of its offerings. 

JD has revealed that it intends to introduce 100 million new products between 2020 and 2022. This translates to about 100,000 pieces of new content daily. Currently, the AI content generator has brought hundreds of millions of RMB in gross merchandise volume. However, the texts are not always perfect. 

Generally, artificial intelligence limits its work from an artistic point of view. According to experts, it cannot replace the creativity of humans irrespective of any capabilities that may be added. The primary objective of AI is not imitating humans, but serving them. has revealed that it will continue to take full advantage of AI in the automation of its supply chain and offer the best products and services. 

Richard Liu is the pioneer of, the largest and one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in China. He decided to establish the business after the collapse of his restaurant venture. Liu later launched another enterprise, where he sold computer accessories. At first, the company grew significantly until the outbreak of the SARS epidemic. 

When he realized that the nature of the epidemic could discourage customers from visiting his shops, he decided to switch from physical stores to online only. That marked the beginning of his journey in the e-commerce industry. Richard Liu’s company mainly deals with electronics, which generated $37 billion in revenue in 2016.’s board of directors cannot make critical decisions without his presence. As a result, many people refer to him as an internet celebrity. In 2007, he realized that his company had gained popularity across China and decided to build a national logistics system to meet its customers’ needs.