Article Rich General Powdered Metal: Why Is It Well Suited for Gears and Bearings?

Powdered Metal: Why Is It Well Suited for Gears and Bearings?

Powdered metal is known as one of the best metals used in the creation of many different bearings and intricate gears. It has easily become the go-to option due to all of the advantages that come with it. 

It helps that powder metallurgy is quite a simple process. Powdered metal is mixed with alloys and then placed in a die. It takes on high tonnage compaction pressure as well as sintering from a high heat furnace. And the precise shape you were looking for is achieved. If you have ever taken a look at gears, you know they are often complex and difficult to replicate. But not for powered metal. 

Let’s take a closer look at why powered metal is so well-suited for gears and bearings. 


Perhaps one of the biggest advantages that come with powered metal is that it is cost-effective. In any application, the need for parts, such as gears and bearings, is going to come with a cost. But being able to get that cost at an affordable rate is better for the bottom line – and better for the consumer when it comes to the finished product. 

The reason powdered metal gears and bearings can be so affordable is that the tools needed to create them are less expensive than other metal options. Plus, it has very minimal waste – almost using every bit of the starting raw product. 

Creating Complex Configurations

As we mentioned above, gears can come with complex configurations. So they are not the easiest parts to produce accurately time and time again. Yet, for powdered metal, their complex configurations are not a deterrent. 

Beyond the manufacturing process, powdered metallurgy can create complex configurations in a cost-effective manner and with very minimal waste. This alone is enough to make it a go-to for gears and bearings. 

High Production Rates

It doesn’t matter if a process can do something cost-effectively and with little waste if it can’t produce the parts at a consistently high rate of speed. The powdered metal process can. Its production rates are high and can continuously meet demand – and it does this regardless of how simple or complex the part is. 

Less Machining is Required

Once the gears and bearings are created using powdered metallurgy, they are done. Unlike other metal processes, there is no second step that needs to be taken care of and no machining either. This further moves the process along quickly and also reduces the need for extra labor costs. 

Incredible Control 

You know that gears are highly complex. And for new designs, there is going to be some trial and error to get the finished gear or bearing done right. Using powdered metal and sintering, all the details and properties of the finished product can be easily controlled when it comes to density, toughness, hardness, damping, and electrical and/or magnetic properties. 

The result? Your gears and bearings will always have the perfect configurations. 

Increased Strength

Finally, powered metal works beautifully for gears and bearings due to the increased strength and impact energy that comes with them. This is all thanks to the sintering process that uses high temperatures. 
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