Article Rich Productivity Jacques Poujade on Making a House More Sellable

Jacques Poujade on Making a House More Sellable

Selling your home can sometimes feel like an uphill climb, particularly in a troublesome market. However, take heart. Jacques Poujade, LendPlus financial consultant and Managing Partner, has got you covered. Years of experience in the real estate industry has given Jacques the insider knowledge that you could use to your advantage as a seller.

Here are 7 ways to attract buyers to your home.

1. Prep Your Home.

Your home has to look its best for potential buyers. Get it clean and set it up. Clear the clutter and put away any item or furnishing that may not be necessary to the overall look you are going for. To sell your house, you need to show it at its best. After all, you want buyers to see its most attractive features.

2. Get Your Home Inspected.

Buyers will usually hire their own inspector to check your home but before an open house, Jacques Poujade suggests that you have your home inspected. If there are potential issues you have to manage, you will be able to resolve them ahead of time.

3. Increase Your Curb Appeal.

Pay attention to your front lawn and garden because this area is the first thing that buyers will see. Make a good impression. Cut the grass, pull out the weeds, dress up the lawn with plants and potted flowers. If you are showing your house in winter, make sure to shovel the ice away from the driveway.

4. Make Minor Repairs.

A few broken tiles, torn screens, wall cracks, and missing drawer handles are easy to repair and replace. Tiny issues like these may seem negligible to you but not to buyers.

5. Be Impersonal.

If you want to show your home to potential buyers, the last thing you want them to feel is that they are stepping inside the home of a stranger as guests. Your home must look and feel as if it is the buyer’s home, or at least give them an idea about what the home could look like once they own it. Make your home attractive to buyers by taking out personal items of yours, such as photos, personal paintings, artwork, and other things that will associate the home to its current owners.

6. Get Rid of Stains and Marks.

If you have a pet, make sure to remove any stains and odour from the carpet and walls. In the NYC area and need a carpet cleaner? Check out this carpet cleaning ny company for an awesome deal. Check the furniture for pet dander and fur. Aim for a spotless and pleasant-smelling home, the kind your potential buyer would want to go home to.

7. Use Low-Maintenance Materials.

If you want to give your house an upgrade, try using low-maintenance materials and design. Most potential buyers want a home they do not need to worry about or spend a lot of money and effort on for upkeep. Consider materials that are durable, easy to use and clean. You can choose teak garden furniture which comes with long durability and it also makes your house attractive to future buyers. In terms of design, go for a good combination of aesthetics and practicality. Practical designs make living and working at home a breeze – exactly what buyers are looking for.

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