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Surviving The Remote Culture Like A Boss

Most managers and employees are still trying to adjust to the rapidly changing world of work. While COVID-19 has forced us to shift to remote working, the journey has not been smooth for many.

Not only has it affected our daily lives, but it has also brought uncertainty amongst colleagues and coworkers that has ruined the so-called collaborative environment that companies work so hard to create.

It looks like remote work is here to stay.

Even if the waves of pandemic relax, most companies are thinking of shifting their workforce to home or remote locations so they can deal with the sudden onslaught of a disaster. Don’t fear, if you’re floundering in the sea of uncertainty author Sharon Koifman is providing workers and managers a life vest with his book, Surviving Remote Work.

How Are You Coping During These Times?

This might be your first experience working as a remote employee. And the process might completely be a disaster because teamwork and collaboration have taken a huge hit even with the presence of video chat applications.

Although remote work is a life-changing experience that some employees have always hoped for, very few employees were actually trained for it. Many businesses are learning as they go, implementing strategies on the fly. Employees are struggling the keep up with the new way of working and managing their work/life balance.

If you are struggling with to manage your team remotely, this book by Sharon will help you understand how to circumvent the challenges you face. You might be surprised to know, but the remote work environment actually shows a huge surge in productivity, as described in Surviving Remote Work

As a manager, once you learn to master the art of managing remote teams, you might want to continue working remotely even when the world goes back to normal. Think of it as an opportunity to work with people worldwide with heightened productivity and better talent scope for your company.

And if you are still finding it tough, this book is here to help. It is crafted for those who are new to remote working and are still adjusting to life after coronavirus. Whether you choose a remote environment or hybrid system of work, it depends on you and your business requirements.

Surviving Remote Work explores the benefits of remote work and how you can hire and train your employees more efficiently to work in this hybrid system and come out on top.