Article Rich General What are the benefits of biodegradable products?

What are the benefits of biodegradable products?

It is common to buy urns made of ceramics, brass, wood, marble, glass and fiberglass, but if we talked about biodegradable urns for ashes what would be the indicated ones? Keep reading as we will review their benefits. At some point in life, the painful situation of saying goodbye and mourning arrives. Innovating in the market we see the biodegradable urns that have the quality of degradation, to the point of turning into sand. These urns are made with natural components such as salt, sand and soil, so they can decompose more easily, innovating how the dead start their way to heaven.

Are ecological urns biodegradable?

Biodegradable Urns for Ashes are 100% ecological and absolutely organic, so they have the property of decomposing progressively and returning to the environment naturally in a cyclical process of biodegradation. There is a wide variety of urns and with different materials for their manufacture that generate changes in the resistance and duration. It is important to remember that when they are thought to return to nature, they are created with the final goal of degradation, so that it unifies the water and earth environments. In addition, they are called ecological urns because they are manufactured with environmentally friendly processes. Most of these urns are created by trained personnel making them ecological.

What are the benefits of biodegradable urns?

For those who love nature and conservationism, it allows them to select the release of ashes into the land, fields, terrains, rivers, seas, oceans and even transport the waste to be planted in a tree. The materials with which these urns are prepared do not generate any damage to the environment, without posing any risks to citizens. In fact, the urns that are prepared to be planted are modified in such a way that the ashes that are deposited in them serve as food for the tree or plant that will grow in that case. For those who feel empathy and a family connection with their pets, this is an excellent option that allows them to deposit the ashes of those deceased beings in the place they consider most appropriate for it. The users will have the possibility to decide if they bury it to the urns in the garden or preserve it. One of the great doubts generated by biodegradable urns is about the time in which they will disintegrate. The answer to this depends on several factors such as the elemental material with which it has been manufactured, plus the environment where it will rest. Finally, it is important to point out that the higher the humidity and heat, the faster the decomposition process will be, such is the case of these urns, which when submerged in water, disintegrate in three days, unlike doing it on land, which will take several months.