Article Rich General Importance of NCERT Solutions – Solutions for Class 8 English

Importance of NCERT Solutions – Solutions for Class 8 English

NCERT Solutions for class 8 English is prepared with the view to make understanding and learning easier for the students. The syllabus is updated as per the CBSE curriculum curated by experts in the English language keeping in mind to make it beneficial for the students.

Class 8 English is the foundation of the basic concepts to enter the higher classes. Students would be studying the language from class 1, but the concept and the format of writing the answers are learned thoroughly in class 8. It is important for the students to be attentive and focus on each chapter and learn the concepts clearly.

All the chapters’ explanations are given extensively in simple language. Students preparing from the NCERT Solutions will be able to frame and present their answers in a better way.

There are 10 chapters and 8poems in class 8 English Honeydew.

The Best Christmas Present in the World

The Tsunami

Glimpses of thePast 

Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory

The Summit Within

This is Jody’s Fawn

A Visit to Cambridge

A Short Monsoon Diary

The Great Stone Phase-I

The Great Stone Phase-II


The Ant and the Cricket

Geography Lesson

Macavity- The Mystery Cat

The Last Bargain

The School Boy

The Duck and the Kangaroo

When I set out for Lyonnesse

On The Grasshopper and Cricket

Importance of NCERT Solutions

NCERT Solutions are the best study materials for students to get the English concepts clear. The chapters and the poems are explained in detail so the students can get a grip of the language. The grammar sections in the solutions help the students for the right approach to building the foundation of the language. Each topic is well explained with proper rules and regulations of the usage. 

The solution has various units which consist of the prose and the poems in a detailed and simple manner. Each chapter has been covered extensively well with all the answers in a proper format. Students referring to NCERT solutions will learn to write the answers in a proper way.

Students have to be well versed with the proper and the perfect concept of the language as this is part of daily communication and also in professional usage in the later stages. The Solutions have been structured in such a way that it clearly develops the knowledge of the language in the right manner.

Students can refer to the NCERT Solutions along with the textbook. This can help them in understanding the chapter while studying and in a shorter time as while reading the chapter they can simultaneously go through the explanation of the chapter or the poem. This will make their study interesting and also faster.

Benefits of studying from NCERT Solutions

  1. NCERT Solutions Class 8 English covers all the chapters given in the textbook.
  2. The summary of the chapters and the poem is given to make the students understand the key concept of the subject.
  3. The practice exercises help the students to gain the perfect knowledge and a better understanding in writing the answers.
  4. The solution can be the best study guide during the exams and the revision.
  5. Since the curriculum is as per the CBSE syllabus there is no confusion and students can rely upon the solutions.
  6. The answers given in the chapter-wise solutions are easy to understand. Students need not waste time searching for the answers.

Benefits of NCERT Solution for the preparation of notes

The solution is very helpful for the students in the preparation of the notes. Students referring to the solutions can prepare well-formatted notes which will be handy during the exams.

Students can include the important questions given in the NCERT Solutions in their notes so that they are familiar and able to answer a variety of questions of each chapter, making them thorough and well prepared. The MCQs of each chapter are very helpful to know the minute details of the chapter, making the study more perfect and building confidence in the students. The MCQs include Fill In the Blanks, true or false, reference to context, etc. 

Sample question papers

The sample question papers and the previous years’ question papers given in the NCERT Solutions will give the perfect practice for the students with an idea of the examination pattern. This can be practiced well by keeping the tracker so they will know the time taken to complete the paper. They can compare the answers with the NCERT to know if their progress is on the right track or not.

Benefits of NCERT Solutions in preparation of the revision notes

It is very important to prepare the revision notes of all the subjects. Students can prepare their revision notes perfectly with the help of NCERT Solutions. 

Revision from NCERT Solutions before the exam

The reviewing of the chapters is very important before the exams. But going through all the chapters from the start is time-consuming and it’s not possible to go through each and every chapter of the subject. You can go through with NCERT Solutions the quick notes and the synopsis of each chapter. This will help you to revise and also the time consumed is less so you can brush up on other details.

Students can be relaxed and stress-free if they are preparing through NCERT Solutions. There are no chapters which are missed out and all the answers from each exercise have been covered. There is no worry for the students thinking of missing out on any topics.

The students would have already gained confidence by solving the sample papers which are exactly as the exam pattern. Total stress-free and confident preparation can be done through NCERT Solutions. Some students might not be confident with the English language but preparing from the solutions will surely increase the confidence level of every student and help them a successful preparation of the language.