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5 Most Common Reasons Customers Complain

Customers have always complained since the very first business was ever created. It’s human nature, after all.  The Internet has made it even easier for customers to complain on a wider scale thanks to websites like Yelp and Facebook pages. 

Although you can never make everyone happy, there are certain things you can do to lower your overall complaint rates. By understanding the most common reasons why customers complain, you can avoid creating those same mistakes. 

Take a look at some of the most common reasons why customers complain. 

Long Waiting Times 

If there’s one thing that people don’t like to do, it’s waiting. Whether you have slow processing times, you’re understaffed, or your production line is bogged down, people aren’t very tolerant of being made to wait.  

Pay attention to areas of your business could be sped up.  Make sure that you take action in any areas that could use improvement. By eliminating the possibility of customers having to wait long periods of time, you’ll reduce your overall amount of complaints. 

Bad Service  

Your company is only as strong as the people that represent it. If your customers feel that they’re being treated poorly or your customer service representative lacks knowledge, then they will be likely to complain. Your customers won’t appreciate it if they aren’t given the service that they expect. One of the worst things you can do for your company’s reputation is to give bad service. 

You can avoid this by outsourcing call center services in the Philippines. By hiring expert customer service representatives, you are assured that your customer service will not be compromised.  

Poor Quality Products and Services 

Even the kindest of customers are likely to complain if the product or service they paid for was of poor quality. Ultimately, people want what they paid for. If the customer feels that they were given something less than what they gave you money for, then they will expect to be compensated. 

It’s important that if your customer feels they paid for more than what they received, that you try to find a way to compensate them for what was lacking. 


Some businesses have very poor communication among employees. Often customers may talk to one employee about a problem, which isn’t adequately explained to the next person they talk to. The result is a frustrated customer that feels ignored.

It’s important that a customer’s file is updated every time that they speak with a new representative. Communication among staff is critical if you hope to keep things organized within your customer service department.  

Cheaper Prices Elsewhere 

When customers see that you’re charging a price that is much higher than your competitors, they are likely to complain and ask you to match the price. If you look to hang on to your customers and not lose them to other businesses, you should take action immediately. 

Always pay attention to what your competitors are charging for the same products and try to give the same offers.