Article Rich Finance Tips To Increase The Resale Value of Your Home

Tips To Increase The Resale Value of Your Home

Home Upgrades With A High ROI

When you are preparing your house to hit the market there are a few things you can do that will give you a high return on investments. Several of these things you can do yourself or outsource for a relatively inexpensive fee.

  • Clean up landscaping for enhanced curb appeal
  • Professionally clean the interior of the house
  • Apply a fresh coat of paint and utilize neutral tones
  • Have carpets professionally cleaned

These four tips will instantly make your house appear refreshed. Before you have pictures taken by your real estate agent you will want to have your house cleaned up and presentable, this includes the exterior for curb appeal. The outside of your home is the first thing potential buyers see when they pull up. Have all dead plants, trees and bushes removed. The grass should be freshly cut, flower beds should have a fresh layer of mulch and all weeds should be pulled. This will give the outside a presentable appearance. The interior of the house should be cleaned from top to bottom. The last thing potential buyers want to see is mess and clutter. All personal effects such as pictures and clutter must be stowed away. If you have a basement you can put these items in boxes or bins and neatly stack them out of the way. If you do not have a basement, shed or garage for storage you will want to rent a storage garage until your house is sold. Buyers like to picture the house as theirs, by painting the walls a neutral such as beige or light gray, they will not feel as though the house is customized to your tastes and they will have an easier time visualizing their own belongs in the home.

There are also several updates that you can add to your home that can cost a bit more but will add a wow factor to those touring your home. While these may not be necessary, they will help you achieve the top asking price for your home.

  • New flooring throughout
  • New windows
  • New doors
  • New appliances that are energy efficient
  • New HVAC
  • New roof
  • Completely updated kitchens and bathrooms

Buyers shopping for a new home appreciate walking into a home that is completely done from top to bottom. This means it is move in ready and they will not have to worry about anything. Energy efficient appliances means they will see even larger savings on their Reliant Energy utility bills. Knowing that everything is new and energy efficient will give them the peace of mind that they are well taken care of in their new home.

Budget Friendly Upgrades and Improvements That Can Add Value To Your Home

Not everyone can completely renovate their home before they have it listed on the market. Not all home buyers expect a house that is totally renovated either. Some people enjoy fixing up a home and adding their own personal touch to it. Aside from a fresh coat of paint, cleaning the inside and tending to the landscaping there are a few budget friendly upgrades that can a lot of impact on a home. Make the space feel warm and inviting by getting rid of clutter but by adding soft textiles. A table runner on the dining room table, new and bright colored throw pillows on a couch and a soft neutral throw blanket on a comfy chair will all make the space feel inviting and fresh. Plug in air fresheners on each level of the house will add a nice fragrant scent. It is important to not over do this and only utilize one per level, not one per room. Some buyers can be scent sensitive. Organize all cabinets and closets so they look tidy and consider light and airy curtains over dark and dated blinds. This will dramatically change the light flow into a room and can make a small space feel larger.

Getting your home ready to sell does not need to be stressful. Speak with your agent and they will guide you through the process step by step to ensure you receive a high resale value on your home.