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Learn About your Body with Pilates

This unique form of exercise was developed in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates, which is designed to give every muscle a workout, and when you enrol in a Pilates class, you are taught many things that will benefit you all of your life. Some people think that Pilates is similar to Yoga, and while there are some similarities, Yoga involves holding a position for several breaths, whereas Pilates is all about flowing movement, with routines that are suitable for all ages.

Enrol in a Pilates Class

To practice Pilates correctly, you do need some equipment, plus a mat that is thicker than a Yoga mat, and rather than going to the expense of having home sessions, you should search online and enrol in a class at, where qualified Pilates instructors lead the sessions. They would have classes during the day, in the evenings and also at weekends, so there will be a class that suits you, and if you enrol in a 6-week course, this will involve 6 weekly sessions of 90 minutes each.

Course Contents

A typical beginner’s Pilates course would teach you about the following:

  • The movement properties of the spine.
  • How to target specific muscles.
  • Ligaments, cartilage and tendons.
  • Joint care.

Many people discover Pilates and like to so much, they wish to make a career out of it by becoming a Pilates instructor, and they are in great demand, due to the ever-growing numbers of people who practice Pilates.

Virtual Pilates Classes

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, it is possible to enrol in a virtual Pilates class, which is run by a remotely located instructor, and with video and audio, the expert can teach you in much the same way as if you were in the same room. If you would like to locate a Pilates Studio that offers virtual courses, a Google search is the best way to source such an institution, and in no time, you will be enrolled and ready for your first session. If you think Yoga might be your thing, check out this informative blog on the topic.

Warming Up & Down

When you are getting ready to play a sport or engage in any heavy physical activity, it is essential to warm up, and Pilates does this very well, and it can also be used to warm down after playing. When you know about muscles and how they operate, you will quickly get into a routine of limbering up and this will reduce the risk of muscle injury.

Focusing on Target Muscles

Pilates empowers you by teaching you how to exercise specific muscles, which is great for the person who wishes to have more definition, and this enables you to create your own exercise routines that target muscles you want to develop. Here is some NZ government information on the importance of physical exercise, which highlights our daily exercise needs.

Toning Up the Muscles

Some people lead a healthy lifestyle and all they really need is a tone-up of the muscles, which is something you get from Pilates, and with the right guidance, you can learn how your body adapts when it becomes stronger.

For many people, Pilates is a life-changer, and if you would like to experience this unique program, search online for a virtual Pilates class, and the transformation can begin.