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Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants 

Adding the plant inside the house is one of the easiest ways to transform the look of the house. Plants add a classy, finishing look to any makeover project in any part of the house. Listed are the low-maintenance plants that can be added in the house. 

Money Plant

The money plant is a fairly easy plant to maintain indoor. It can be done either in the conventional way to grow the money plant in a pot of soil or let it simply sprout in a vase or bottle of water. The money plant is a green and mustard variegated plant and is one of the most tolerant and adaptable plants of all the cultivars. It can be grown in any part of the house, wind the vines of the creeper around the railing of the staircase and windows or plant then in the pot or bottle with just the water as the centerpiece on the coffee table or dining table or just anywhere around the house

Aloe Vera and Jade

Aloe Vera and Jade are succulent plants that can also be easily grown indoors which would need the least or no maintenance at all. Succulent plants such as Jade and Aloe Vera live for years together with minimal requirements of sunlight and water. These plants can be placed in the study table, work station, or perhaps in the sitting area beside the sofa or even on the coffee table to add the aesthetics look in the room.

Spider Plant

Spider plants can be grown in tight quarters such as a small pot would suffice to hold them together. These plants are also low-maintenance, undemanding, and fairly easy to be introduced into any environment. Spider plants can withstand the humidity and hence can be a great decorative even in the bathroom, window sill, or on the washbasin; there is no dearth in terms of areas where it can be introduced.

Snake Plant

Snake plant is one of the most cooperative houseplant available, as it holds up well to any conditions – low lights, drought, and insects would not affect the plant growth. It can be used in the bedroom or living room as it carries the air-purifying benefits. 

Ponytail Palm

Pony palm adds a little flair and is one that can withstand any climate. It can survive dry soil and dry air as it stores a generous amount of water in its thick, textured trunk and makes use of it during the drought period. The long and narrow, dark green leaves look like a fountain that flows down to the base of the plant. It can be placed on the home desk or side table beside the sofa in the living room to add that touch of lively green color to the room.

Cactus and other desert plants

Cacti and desert plants can also be grown indoor without any difficulty, as these plant s love dry air and hot environments, as well as these plants, get adjusted to the cold condition that it goes into winter dormancy, snoozing its growth. These desert plants require the least water and can be placed inside the house where there is ample sunlight.