Article Rich Finance Financing Real Estate Investment Through Philly Hard Money Lenders: How I Got Approved

Financing Real Estate Investment Through Philly Hard Money Lenders: How I Got Approved

Getting approved for any type of money to use for real estate can be a little more difficult than some people realize. Some methods just don’t work the way they used to, and it can lead to a pretty frustrating experience.

The good news is, there are still some ways to get money without having to bend over backward. I was able to get approved for a hard money loan with the help of Hard Money Bankers.

Hard Money Bankers is a Philly hard money lenders company that lends in Philadelphia, PA and surrounding counties. The company has helped me in a lot of ways when I felt like I was out of options.

Finding Hard Money Bankers

When I started my search for hard money loans in Philadelphia, I did things on my own. I was a bit naïve that it was going to be very easy, but that certainly did not end up being the case.

After a few weeks of doing things on my own, I talked to a friend of mine who suggested Hard Money Bankers as a good solution. My initial thought was that I would once again be turned away without much of a thought, but an initial call changed their perception right away.

Customer service at its finest

The lending industry is not exactly the nicest. I received some pretty cold responses from my inquiries in the beginning, which made me pretty discouraged to say the least.

That all changed when I was able to finally talk to someone from Hard Money Bankers. They have a toll-free number to call at any time to find out some initial information on what they provide, how to get approved and more.

It really felt like they cared about me as an individual, and they wanted me to succeed in my real estate quest. It was a wonderful change from what I was getting used to in the past.

Within just a few minutes, I was able to get questions answered, fill out an application form and start my move towards owning real estate for investment opportunities.

Money when I need it

Everything was going very smoothly with my connection with Hard Money Bankers in the beginning, but I was still skeptical that they would be able to exceed expectations by speeding up the approval process. This is my first time working with the company, and I know from previous experiences that this usually takes a little bit of time.

I made my first call and applied on a Monday, and by Friday, I had the money that I needed to use towards a new investment property. Instead of having to wait for weeks or even months, I was able to move forward in just a matter of days. I was truly shocked and could not thank the company enough.

Final recommendation

If I went with Hard Money Bankers from the very beginning, I would have prevented a lot of headaches. The Internet has opened up a lot of new options for lending to help our people in different financial situations. Give them a call and see if they can help out.