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Consider a Second Opinion on Your Personal Injury Case

If you were hiring a home renovator, a landscaper, or any other type of service, would you trust the first company you stumbled across or received an estimate from? Chances are, you’d get a second opinion. So, why wouldn’t you do the same with a lawyer?

There’s a lot at stake in a personal injury case. Trusting one attorney’s word on the amount of compensation they can get for you simply isn’t enough. Consider the following before making a final decision.

When to Get a Second Opinion

According to a personal injury lawyer in San Francisco, here are two instances where a second opinion is vital. The first is when an attorney rejects your case. 

Not every law every office will be willing to take on your case, which depends on a wide variety of factors. The firm could be too small, the case could be too expensive, or the office may be focusing their efforts on other types of cases.

Don’t feel discouraged if the first office you called is unwilling to try your case in court. Instead, keep searching for a law firm that handles similar injury claims and try again. Most people talk with multiple firms before finding one that works.

The second instance is when you don’t trust your current lawyer. They might not contact you about the case as much as you would like, you may feel that they aren’t fighting hard enough for your compensation, or they may want to settle against your wishes. Whatever the case may be, now is the time to get a second opinion.

What to Look for In an Opinion

While you obviously want to hire someone who will get the compensation you deserve, there’s more to finding a quality attorney’s opinion than their words. According to a Las Vegas personal injury attorney, there are four aspects to consider when lawyer shopping.

First, the attorney should provide you with constant communication. That includes updates on the case, exchanging necessary information to retrieve vital documents, and letting you know if the other person’s legal team has made an offer.

Second, there should be no pressure when talking to an attorney. You shouldn’t feel as though you have to let them take the case, nor should you feel like you have to take a settlement. Don’t let any lawyer pressure you into signing a contract.

Third, they should encourage you to see your own doctor. Some lawyers might ask that you see their personal contacts, but the relationship you have with your primary care physician can be invaluable in court. They should also have you see your doctor in a worker’s comp case.

Finally, the firm should clearly work as a team. Don’t accept help from an attorney who takes personal injury cases solo. The more legal experts you have on your team, the better your chances for success. There should be a minimum of two lawyers handling your case at all times.

Don’t Settle Just to Move Forward

Taking the opinion of a lawyer when it doesn’t sit right with you will only end in disaster. Feel free to seek a second opinion and get the compensation you deserve.