Article Rich General Career Pathways: Internet Marketer Jurgen Cautreels Shares Different Marketing Careers (You Didn’t Know Existed)

Career Pathways: Internet Marketer Jurgen Cautreels Shares Different Marketing Careers (You Didn’t Know Existed)

Jurgen Cautreels marketing

Internet marketing is a huge field and there are so many pathways to choose from if it speaks to you. What’s great is that no matter which path you choose, you’re likely to find a very rewarding career in internet marketing. Jurgen Cautreels has been dealing with internet marketing for his entire career and has become one of the most renowned and successful internet marketers in the world.

Since Jurgen Cautreels has been around so long, I asked him what some of the lesser-known internet marketing careers are available (that are still rewarding and fulfilling). Here are some of Jurgen Cautreels favorite internet marketing roles that you haven’t heard of!

UX Director (User Experience)

The UX director manages the entire user experience for the brand. Everything from how the customer finds the brand, how they navigate the website, and how they purchase the product. Being a UX director involves a lot of experience in marketing. You must understand how a customer acts and engages with a brand.

There’s a lot of pressure on the UX director’s shoulders, but it is also one of the most rewarding career paths out there. Not only is it lucrative, but it gives you the most control over a brand. Jurgan Cautreels says designing the UX for a new business is one of the most important steps.

Brand Manager

You’ve probably heard the term brand manager before but may not understand exactly what it is. Managing a brand can actually be pretty fun. It gives you the opportunity to interact and learn about your audience more than any other internet marketing career.

The brand manager is the person that does the research, figures out how the company/brand should interact with its audience, and overall feels out how they want the brand to be perceived. Brand management is one of Jurgen’s strong points, so he was very passionate when explaining this one.

Art Director

You’ve heard of art directors for movies, shows, and games, but did you know that they also exist in advertising? Especially digital advertising. Believe it or not, brands and businesses have their own art schemes and patterns, just like your favorite show might. An art manager works with the brand manager to develop the perfect art style and patterns for a brand that will speak best to its audience.

Demand Generation Manager

If you’re more into analytics and numbers, then you may consider a career in demand generation. Demand generation just means increasing demand for a product, but the fun part is figuring out what increases demand.

A demand director will take a look at every tool that a business has used to try to increase demand, and figure out which ones have actually worked and how well they have worked. It will be up to the demand generation manager to come up with new strategies to generate demand for the product and to analyze whether those strategies worked.

Public Relations (PR) Manager

The PR manager/director is similar to the brand manager. Except the brand manager curates the entire personality of the brand/business while the PR manager determines the best way to relay that brand to the audience.

Both roles involve interacting and researching audience members, so they’re great for analytical minds and extroverts who like to spend time engaging with others on social media.