Article Rich General What’s The Meaning Behind Military Medals?

What’s The Meaning Behind Military Medals?

What’s The Meaning Behind Military Medals?

American soldiers are our heroes. You know, the ones who are dressed in their full uniform that is decorated with a stunning collection of medals and ribbons. 

Our service members of the United States Military are such an integral part to the nation and the key protectors of the citizens that live there.

So of course, it takes something extra special to recognize an extra special person. This is where military medals come into play.

Have you ever met someone that has been awarded a military medals? It does not take long before you can recognize the incredible values they uphold. 

But have you ever wondered what these medals are for and what they mean? We are going to break down the most coveted military medals and what must be done to be awarded one. 

  1. The Medal of Honor

This incredible high honor has only been around since 1861. The US Medal of Honor is reserved for America’s elite, being given out a mere 3,000 times to those who displayed remarkable acts of heroism. It is always given out in the most incredible public ceremony, in which the President himself conducts. Family and friends are also always invited to watch with pride or accept on behalf of the individual. There are three versions of this medal and is dependent on what brand of the military they have served in.  

  1. Distinguished Service Cross

There is an small portion of service members who have been given this award. One can be given this in times where they showed bravery while facing the enemy, driving a key military operation or supporting an important alliance. While it may be a bit easier to get compared to the Medal of Honor, it is still saved for only the best of the best. 

  1. Distinguished Service Medal 

Often reserved for generals only, the distinguished service medal represents impressive leadership while under pressure.  There are only a handful of times where the President has given permission to give to someone who is actually outside the military, such as a member of the Homeland Security Department. 

  1. Silver Star and Bronze Star Medals

Silver and Bronze star medals represent those who exemplify bravery in all that they do.  While a bit more common than the above three awards, it is still difficult to be awarded this. The award itself is quite cool as it is a large star shaped medal and dates back all the way to the American Civil War. 

  1. Purple Heart

The Purple Heart is given to soldiers who have been injured while defending the United States of America. The actual medal has a profile picture of the first President George Washington, as he was the one who created the initiative! While we do not wish for anyone to get injured in the war, it is an inevitable part of the climate. The Purple Heart is the perfect symbol of humility that America shows the brave who risked everything on the frontline!

If you see someone with a military medal, take note and show them your respect! They have risked their lives for you so that you can enjoy the freedoms America offers. It is important to remember that while these are the five most prestigious medals a service member can receive; they are not the only medals that are awarded. Each military branch also has a collection of awards they give based on various accomplishments. 

Without the brave men and women who serve in the military, America would quite literally not be the same. The least the military can do is award them with a medal that represents what is just so great about them! And their name can forever live on in this family heirloom.