Article Rich Small Business Tips to Make your Workplace Safer for your Employees

Tips to Make your Workplace Safer for your Employees

If you run a business and are concerned about safety in the workplace, there are many things that you can do to improve the safety of the work space. Of course, there are rules and regulations regarding safety in the workplace, and you would always be compliant, yet there are some extra measures you can take to improve working conditions.

  • Review Safety Signage – The need for safety signage would depend on the nature of your business, but you should carry out an inspection, noting all signage. If you need to replace signs, there are online suppliers of safety equipment and they would deliver to your door. Fire extinguishers, blankets and smoke alarms all need to be inspected, so make sure you have that covered.
  • Monthly Staff Meeting – Obviously, you meet with your employees on a regular basis, and by calling a safety meeting, you can ask all employees to raise any safety issues or queries. This kind of meeting often highlights potential safety issues that might not otherwise be considered, and keep minutes of the meeting and any outcomes should be followed through.
  • Safety Clothing – Whether your staff need sterile conditions or they use industrial workwear, you should check that they have everything they need to carry out their work safely. This might be provided by the employer, and if so, make sure you have adequate stock and reorder when necessary.
  • Waste Removal – If your yard looks crowded, this can have a negative impact on safety, so why not have a clear out? People need adequate space to work safely and if this is compromised by having waste materials around, accidents can occur. You could arrange for a commercial waste removal company to pay more regular visits, and they would recycle what they can and dispose of the rest.
  • Manual Handling Training – It is common that employees suffer an injury due to poor manual handling techniques, which can cause serious back injuries, and there are online specialists who would pay you a visit and observe the daily activities. This enables them to put together a short course that is designed to make your employees aware of the correct handling methods, and the trainer would be a professional who can instruct your staff on safe handling practices.
  • Free Online Resources – You only have to Google “safety in the workplace” to receive a very long list of online resources that include PowerPoint presentations, handouts and useful information on ways to improve safety in a work environment. There are government websites that outline safety measures that you can employ to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, plus they are happy to offer guidance when asked.

It is in everyone’s interest to do what you can to make the workplace a safe place for all who work there, and the above list can help you to reduce the risk of accidents, and with the support and cooperation of the workforce, you can improve safety in the workplace.