Article Rich General Superyachts: How the Billionaires Holiday

Superyachts: How the Billionaires Holiday

If you are one of the lucky few that own a superyacht, there’s nothing new for you in this article, yet if you are a person that is unlikely to ever be in a position to buy a superyacht (almost all of us), it is nice to take a peek at how life is onboard a luxurious superyacht.


Superyachts are built to order and it can take a few years to finish a superyacht, which would be to the buyer’s specifications and that includes every aspect of the build, from the engines to the cutlery and everything in between. There are no agreed dimensions as to what qualifies as a superyacht, but generally, they range from the smallest at 40 metres, to the huge 180-metre vessels, and luxury is the name of the game when building your very own floating palace. Economising is not something that would come into the equation (it costs millions to maintain such a vessel) and the finished product would be a reflection of the person who commissioned the vessel.

Major Features

Many superyachts have jacuzzis, several bars and some even have a small nightclub, depending on the owner’s lifestyle, and with as many as 3 or 4 above-water decks, there’s lots of room. It is not unusual to have a movie theatre, filled with quadrophonic, hi-tech audio and 8k video screens, a place where up to 20 guests can watch a movie in sense-surround.

Many have a fitness room, filled with the latest equipment, to ensure the guests keep in good shape, and swimming pools are common, with several on some of the bigger vessels.

Below Waterline Decks

This is where the luxurious cabin accommodation is located, with special VIP suites, with full-on room service, day and night. The level of luxury is, of course, exceptional, with gold and diamonds used in the décor, and you would find some very valuable art pieces in these floating palaces.

Superyacht Chartering

You might not think there would be a market for hiring a superyacht, yet there are many wealthy people who, while they might not be able to afford to own one, can certainly rent a superyacht for one month to cruise the Caribbean, and they do! Of course, there are superyachts for sale from a respected yacht broker and the price range is extensive, and you will need very deep pockets to own even a second or third-hand superyacht!

Superyacht Upkeep

First you have the dedicated crew, which could range from 12-30 people, who are always onboard when the vessel is being used; the captain, the navigator, the engine technician, the maids, the service staff, guest manager, and, of course, we mustn’t forget the master chef. Maintaining a large superyacht for one year would require millions of dollars, which is why billionaires and royalty are the main owners.

If you and your friends are wealthy would like to charter a superyacht for a week or two, contact an established yacht broker, while the rest of us will have to settle for our imagination.