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Relationship Self-Help Apps vs. Traditional Therapy

Relish App: Relationship Self-Help Apps vs. Traditional Therapy

As the world is paying more attention to relationship health, more and more resources are available to help those experiencing relationship health issues. From books and podcasts to therapy and medication, there are a wide variety of ways to combat these troubling issues. However, there is one up-and-coming trend that is gaining attention from people all over the world: self-help apps. There are many reasons why thousands are choosing to utilize these self-help apps; affordability, convenience, and accessibility are among the top benefits.

Due to these advantages, many of us prefer these apps over traditional books, workshops, or in-person therapy. Finding the help you need to live a happy life has never been easier. As the negative stigma attached to relationship health concerns has basically vanished, users of these apps are able to find solutions that make it simple to work towards improving your relationship health. We’ll now compare these self-help apps to traditional therapy and help explain some of the key differences and similarities.

In-Person Experience

Due to the fact that you have to be physically present for in-person therapy treatment, many people feel more committed when joining these sessions. But with varying schedules and our hectic lives, finding the time to see a therapist can be challenging.


As the cost of in-person therapy varies, these appointments typically run around $200/hour. That being said, in-person help isn’t available for everyone. Due to the affordability surrounding self-help apps, this is a more cost-effective option.


While you can scour the web for hours to find answers to some of your relationship health questions, it’s not the same as talking to a therapist. That’s because these professionals can give you a personalized experience. But with the highly advanced self-help apps of today, machine-learning algorithms and additional features make the experience very customizable for your specific situation.


When you choose a therapist for in-person help, you’re usually picking from a wide assortment of professionals who are trained in specific areas. The therapist you choose will help you based on their school of training. But when you pursue an app, these typically contain collective wisdom from many different styles and disciplines, meaning you’ll get a more comprehensive approach to your relationship health needs.


In-person couples therapy is all about schedules; you and the therapist typically meet at the same time every week or the same time every couple of weeks. While this can work for some people, it is hard to follow for others. If you’re looking for a more on-demand option that’s available when you’re available, then self-help apps may be the better approach for you.

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