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Parenting Tips for Today

The Family Challenges of Technology
With the rise of technology many families are embracing tablets, lap tops, chrome books, smart TVs and other tech to get them through their day to day activities. A lot of parents are working from home so that they can acquire more of a life and work balance. Children are being home schooled at rising rates which also increases the need for technology in the home. Parents have the power to choose not only their utility providers, but also what type of technology they are utilizing as a family, and if it is energy efficient. With the increasing amount of technology in homes many homeowners are experiencing increases in their utility bills while they are attempting to achieve their work and life balance via the rise of technology.

Pros and Cons of Technology
There are many positive and negative aspects in the use of technology. Children spend so much time engaged in video games and online learning that they can begin to suffer from vision problems as well as more headaches. The tech also takes away the simple pleasure of every day simplistic things that children at one time enjoyed. Over-stimulation is one of the biggest cons to the rise of technology. During this rise in the digital era, it is important for parents to focus on frugal and simplistic ways to entertain their children when they are not utilizing technology.
Pros to Technology in the home:

  • Children become internet savvy
  • Children learn how to utilizing technological applications
  • School can be achieved from the comfort of the house
  • Parents can work from home

Cons to Technology in the home

  • Children become numb to the simplistic things in life from over stimulation
  • Detachment occurs when children do not form lasting real life relationships with teachers and other kids

Tech Addiction and How To Fight It
Children can suffer from tech addiction because they spend so much time learning online and then video games on tablets, phones and gaming systems. The most important way to fight tech addiction is to get out and experience real life encounters.

Parents can help their children combat their tech addictions by enrolling them in their favorite youth sport. Sports that also incorporate cardio such as cross-country, soccer, hockey, dance, gymnastics and karate will all help improve focus while embracing a group activity. Additionally, youth sports help children make friends in the real world and allows them a chance to create bonds outside of the digital world.

There are many ways to embrace activity in a frugal way if youth sports are not in a family’s budget. A nice hike in nature will help clear the head while getting exercise. While out on the hike parents can make the entire day budget friendly and a learning experience. Check out some books from the local library for free and find what things in nature you encounter. Keep a field journal of vegetation and wildlife. Plan a nice simple home made picnic lunch so that you can eat out doors as a family. Parents can then teach their children about the simple and cheap ways to have fun outside while they decompress from their tech addictions.

Every day children should take time away from technology. A nice walk around the neighborhood, a bike ride, some roller skating or even some time on the patio with side walk chalk will allow for the imagination to flow while way from technology. Parents need to make a conscious effort to get their children off technology and outside so that they can focus on the world and decompress a bit. Technology is fine in moderation but fresh air can really help clear the mind.