Should You Buy Instagram Followers to Stay Ahead?

As soon as you are adapting with the Instagram app and trying to plan your marketing strategies, there is an update which occurs. It becomes really confusing about the desired outcomes. But one thing which is always on top of the minds of all the marketers is to get more and more followers. But if […]

Starling Bank partners with accounting software provider FreeAgent

Starling Bank partners with accounting software provider FreeAgentFreeAgent provides award-winning cloud accounting software specifically designed to meet the needs of small businesses, contractors, freelancers and their accountants. More than 80,000 UK businesses use FreeAgent to manage their business finances. FreeAgent empowers business owners to look after much of the day-to-day bookkeeping admin, which means accountants […]

How to Save Money When Starting a Brand New Business

When you are staring a new business it’s important to be as frugal as possible. You need to make every dollar stretch as far as it will go. So many new business owners are under the false assumption that there are endless investors VCs and banks willing to give out money to anyone with an […]

Top Motivational Podcasts for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

As an aspiring entrepreneur or business owner it often helps to learn from those that have experienced the ups and downs before. While not everyone can find the perfect mentor, there is one thing available to everyone: podcasts. Podcasts have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years and it’s a format of content […]

5 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Business

As a business owner, one of the easiest ways you can transform your business is by incorporating technology and systematizing every task possible. Besides simplifying common business activities and processes, technology enhances consistency and efficiency, both which tend to diminish when relying entirely on human labor. In this post, we explain five top reasons you […]

What is Power of Attorney and Why You May Need One

All of us will one day become incapacitated due to injury, illness, or simply old age. It’s just the nature of life. That’s why there are legal instruments to help your loved ones take care of you when this happens. One of these is a power of attorney, which gives your loved ones the authority […]

Can My Child Safely Walk or Ride Their Bike to School?

Every older parent and grandparent likes to talk about what it was like when they were a kid when they would play for hours outside without supervision and just come home in time for dinner. Today’s increased concern for safety and supervision can be a good thing, but it’s ended up limiting exercise and independence […]

Mother’s Day Book Gift Guide

If the Mother in your life loves to read check out these hot new books. This Mother’s Day Book Gift Guide has something for every reader. Grab a book for Mom, Grandma, aunt Sue, your wife (whether you have a house full of kids or if she’s a dog mom), your neighbor, the friendly barista […]


The workplace can bring an array of vastly different personalities together. But they can often fall into five simple categories.   Bibium love coffee. I mean, really love coffee with their production of high-quality coffee and coffee machines. As well as being Fairtrade, all of Bibium’s coffees are rated Specialty Grade or higher by the […]

Different Cyber Attacks to Be Wary Of

It used to be simple to avoid picking up a virus online. You stuck to trusted websites, didn’t download anything, or simply went offline. Nowadays, with the advances made in tech, things are a lot more complicated. Cybercrime is set to cost in the region of $2 trillion in 2019! It’s a real growth industry […]