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Helpful Tips For Placing Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are great! They help purify the air by eliminating minute dust particles that cannot be seen but are present. Did you know that an air purifier’s efficiency increases by 20% just by placing it correctly? Yes, that’s correct! 

If you keep your air purifier at a suggested place and in a recommended position, its efficiency increases, and so does its performance. Also, if you place the purifier in one corner or behind your television, then its efficiency decreases by almost 50%. 

That said, the placement of your air purifier plays a critical role in deciding how efficiently it will work. If you buy a decent purifier of great quality and place it correctly, you will get fresh air that is almost 98% free from all dust, allergens, and pet danders. Choose to buy air purifiers from the best air purifier manufacturer China to ensure it lasts long and functions as expected. 

A few companies also help their customers out with the purifier placement to ensure that they get the maximum benefits. For example, a few purifiers from some companies come with space specifications and are placed either on the desk, floor, or tower units. For other available purifiers, the users must clarify one thing: wherein the room is the best place to keep the air purifier. 

This important question is usually answered after considering a few factors; 

  • Which area of the room has the highest concentration of pollutants, including dust, mold spores, smoke, etc. 
  • Which portion of the room has indoor airflow? That said, you should not place the purifier in the corner. It should be placed in the hallway, the area that experiences the highest air exchange rate. 

Based on the factors stated above, there are a few golden rules that you should follow when deciding where to keep your air purifier. That said, just by picking the right location for your purifier, you can make it do its job better. 

The rules that we state below are a mixture of where to keep your air purifier and not your air purifier. Knowing where not to place is more important to obtain its full potential. 

Place it Near the Worst Air Pollutants: 

You should always make sure that the air purifier is placed where the concentration of pollutants is the highest. Air quality specialists will help you know where in the room you have air pollutants in abundance. They use an air quality monitor for this. 

Place it where you can see pollutants by your naked eyes, i.e., where molds and smoke is visible. You can also place it at places that have a foul smell or odor. When you place purifiers in the most problematic areas with low air quality, it helps improve the quality of air. 

Place it at Spots with Highest Airflow: 

Air purifiers have the capacity of effectively taking in air. That said, the more an air purifier gets, the more air it can purify rapidly. When you place your air purifier near a window, close to the doorway, and especially on the walls where the air movement is more, it makes a lot more sense. Moving air has pollutants, and hence, it is critical to eliminate pollutants of all kinds from it. 

Moving air carries pollutants along all over the house, and this is what air purifiers help prevent. 

Don’t Place Air Purifiers In A Corner: 

Putting an air purifier in any corner of your home is a big no-no. Airflow in the corners is the lowest. When placed in the corner, its efficacy decreases, and it cannot purify the air as they are supposed to do. When placing air purifiers at the hospitals and other facilities, they are never placed at the corners. Hair supplies best quality purifiers perfect for hospitals and homes as well. 

It has another venture named HisoMedical that provides quality PPE Kits. Coming back to the air purifiers, when you place them on the corner, the air quality of that corner will be splendid, but the quality of other spots and rooms will not get better. Hence, proper placement of the purifier helps balance the quality of air throughout the room significantly. 

Ensure There Are No Obstacles In the Vicinity of Air Purifiers: 

You don’t want the airflow to the air purifier to get interrupted, and hence should ensure that there is no interruption. Always keep in mind that an air purifier should have space of at least 3 feet on all sides to ensure it functions in its full capacity. 

Air purifiers enhance indoor air quality. Don’t mistake placing a pile of books around the purifier, believing that books are best read in the fresh air. Anything kept in its way will impede the ability to establish maximum airflow. 


The best way to ensure its proper functioning is by moving the purifier all around your home, i.e., from the living room, baby room, to bedroom, etc. This increases the effectiveness of air purifiers. This way, your air purifier will also be utilized to the fullest.