Article Rich General Covid-19 Solutions for Beer Drinkers: Stay Safe Enjoying Premium Beers

Covid-19 Solutions for Beer Drinkers: Stay Safe Enjoying Premium Beers

No one loves their beer more than the Australians and social distancing has made it difficult to enjoy prime beers, with many pubs temporarily closed, indeed, some will never again re-open due to the Coronavirus. While there’s always the supermarket, they don’t normally stock premium beers, yet there are microbreweries that market a great selection of premium beers online, which is great for the serious beer drinker.

Craft Beers

The microbrewing sector is booming, and with great craft beer for sale online from top microbrewers such as Hairyman, who have a wide range of excellent hand-crafted beers at affordable prices to virtual beer tasting team building events to boost morale in an ever increasing virtual social scene. No more searching supermarket shelves, looking for that great tasting beer you love, simply login, place your order and make some space in the fridge.

Range of Tastes

Craft beers offer the drinker a really wide choice, with pale ales, Leipzig Gose and many types of lager, and part of the fun is to try new brews, experiencing a range of subtle flavours created by the many Sydney-based microbreweries. Being able to log onto the brewer’s website and order, you can have the best beers in your cooler for those special footie games or that weekly fishing trip you love. The craft beer brewer uses the best malt and hops, and much like wine, the brewer creates something unique, and when you discover a craft beer that ticks all the boxes, there are online suppliers who will deliver to your door. Here is an excellent blog on body & mind relaxation techniques, which is a great read.

Social Distancing

Australia is experiencing a spike in Coronavirus cases, with many cities in lockdown, and this means we must all stay at home, unless for essential outings (getting beer is not one of them), with people being issued heavy fines for being out without a valid reason. While we might lose a lot of things that we take for granted in the pandemic, enjoying premium beers is not something you have to stop, not with online craft beer supplies.

Checking Out Online Reviews

There are so many craft beers available in Australia, you could spend years and never try them all, and with new tastes coming out almost daily, it is a good idea to read some of the online reviews left by beer experts. This will help you locate beers that you are likely to enjoy and you can build up a nice selection for when you have friends around for those big game nights. Here is some online information about microbreweries in Australia and the licensing requirements.

Long Weekends

If you and your buddies like to disappear into the outback for some fishing or hunting, you can order your beer online, which is one less thing to worry about. Planning a few days away requires that you have everything you need, and taking your favourite beers with you ensures you won’t be disappointed. Whatever the occasion, with online craft beers, you are as prepared as you can get, but make sure you order early, to ensure your favourite ales are in the cooler.

Having the ability to order premium craft beers online means you never have to settle for anything less than the very best, and with deliveries to your door, you can’t get any better than that!