Article Rich Small Business Cost-Effective Online Team-Building Activities Delivered by Professionals

Cost-Effective Online Team-Building Activities Delivered by Professionals

While the Covid-19 pandemic has hit the world of commerce hard, many service providers offer their services in a virtual environment, as this allows the provider to have an adequate level of audio and video communication in order to achieve the objectives. While it is normal to meet a group of participants at a venue and deliver the team-building activities, this can be done via a VoIP application such as Zoom or Skype.

Video Conferencing

As our movements are currently restricted due to the pandemic, the next best thing is a virtual meeting, which uses the Internet to send and receive audio and video and connects the seminar trainer with the participants. If you are thinking of planning a series of online team-building activities using a professional provider, you should make sure that all participants are familiar with the Zoom program and can use the powerful tools.

Defining the Client’s Objective

When you make an online enquiry with a provider of fun & engaging online team-building activities, they would first request a Zoom call with you, when you and the expert can discuss your needs. It might be that the team is newly formed and you would like them to get some hands-on experience working together on a suitable project, or you would like the provider to design specific activities that develop certain skills.

The provider has a holistic approach and will build up a picture of the team and design activities that are engaging and fun to do, while ensuring that each participant is engaged.

Industry Specific

Whatever your chosen sector, the team-building specialists can tailor the activities to make them very relevant to what the participants would encounter during their work.

The facilitator’s role is to understand each participant and help them to collaborate with their colleagues to achieve a desired outcome and with many years of hands-on experience, the workshop hosts are able to strengthen certain skills within the participants. Click here for information on ways to become more productive, which we could all use.


Delivering the content in a virtual environment means less of a cost; the course trainers do not have to travel and neither do your staff, who could all be remotely connected or together at the office.

The process involved with creating a course for team-building begins with the introductory virtual meeting, which enables the provider to gain a deeper understanding of your needs. The provider would take a couple of days to present you with their planned course and if approved, a schedule is created and preparations can begin.

Guided Experiences

It is only when a team of players are working together to solve a real-time problem that they start to work well together as a group; this cannot be taught, rather the team spends time engaged in joint activities that facilitate collaboration and effective communication. The facilitator has worked with many groups and instinctively knows how to create the right ambience when skills can be developed.

If you have a large team spread across Singapore and you would like to hone their skills, talk to a leading online team-building activity provider and see what they can do for your team.