Article Rich General Stream Energy Expert Plays to Save Money for Your Super Bowl Party

Stream Energy Expert Plays to Save Money for Your Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner, and football fans everywhere are excited about the big game. Are you hosting a Super Bowl party? While it might be an exciting time to get together with friends and family, it’s also a significant expense for party throwers. Besides snatching up those hot Super Bowl deals to save on food and snacks at the grocery store, there are other ways that you can save money and throw the party of the year. 

We talked to Stream Energy’s top experts to get some advice on ways to conserve energy during this popular event. Follow these energy-saving tips to bench those high bills so you can focus on cheering for your favorite team during the big game. 

5 Energy-Saving Tips for Your Super Bowl Party

When it comes to your energy bill, there are many ways to save money. What most consumers don’t realize is that small changes to the way you do things at home or the office can make a huge difference when it comes to energy consumption. While finding an affordable and competitive energy plan is essential, Stream Energy team members explain that finding ways to save doesn’t end there. Let’s take a look at some tips and tricks to save money when you’re hosting everyone for the Super Bowl. Check out these easy-to-implement, effective plays that will help you save energy and still throw a great Super Bowl party. 

1. Take Things Outside

If the weather cooperates, throwing a backyard tailgate can be an excellent option for the pre-game festivities. Firing up the barbecue grill is a great way to save on the energy consumption that would typically come from cooking indoors. You’ll also save on heat, air conditioning, and lighting when you move your guests outside. Throwing the pre-game festivities in your backyard will also give your party a better feel. It’ll create an atmosphere that leaves your guests feeling like they were actually at the game. While you might need to bring everyone inside to watch the game if you don’t have an outdoor television, starting your party outside is just one way to keep your energy consumption from rising with all of those extra guests hanging around inside. 

2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Between cans of soda and bottles of beer, chances are you’ll produce more recyclables in one day from your party guests than you would in one month from your family alone. Not only does recycling reduce the amount of waste you compile, but it also helps you score one for the environment. Set up a recycle bin next to your coolers or in a convenient spot, so your guests have a place to throw empty cans and bottles. When you show everyone to the drinks, be sure to mention that there’s a recycle bin nearby for when they’re done. 

3. Set Your Household Temperature Downfield

Even if it seems a bit chilly when you lower the temperature inside your home or office, chances are that the excess body heat from all of your guests will keep the environment comfortable. As you’re preparing your space for the big day, make a note to turn down the temperature in your home. Between guests coming in and out, there’s an even higher chance that you’ll let a lot of heat out of your place during the party. This will only cause your heating system to work harder and consume more energy. Stream Energy professionals suggest lowering the temperature to save on heat and reduce your bill. Plus, the extra rowdy party-goers will keep your place nice and warm as things heat up on the field. 

4. Take Advantage of Finger Foods

One of the best options for food for your Super Bowl party is finger foods. They come in a variety of options and give your guests the chance to eat as they socialize. Setting out trays of meat, cheeses, chips, and dips will eliminate the need to use the stove or microwave, saving on energy. Additionally, you’ll spend less time in the kitchen doing dishes and avoid that spiked energy bill from extra dishwasher loads. 

5. Create a Play-by-Play Plan

From a to-do list of everything you need to accomplish before your first guest walks through the door to a well-planned food menu to keep everyone happy, there’s a lot to consider before the party starts. Any good coach will tell you that having a strategy for the game will give you a better chance of bringing home the win. Jot down all of the things you need to do for your big party, and check them off as you go. Even writing down the simple tips listed above, like turning down the temperature and putting out the recycling bins, can help you make sure you don’t forget. 

Planning out what food you’re going to serve and when you are going to serve it will also help you save on energy. You can plan to serve all of the food that needs to stay hot at one time; this way, you’re only using your appliances for a short time. Stagger your menu throughout the party, so nothing gets cold or stale. This won’t just keep you from wasting food, but it’ll also keep you from having to warm things up continuously. Let your guests get settled and put out food strategically, so everyone is well fed throughout the party. You’ll have a full and happy group of party-goers thanking you on their way out. 

Now that you’re equipped with these energy-saving tips from Stream Energy, it’s time to get back to party planning. Implementing these quick and easy changes in your plans will help you avoid those high energy bills and take the stress out of party hosting.