Article Rich General Metro Vascular Centers Offers a Variety of Treatments

Metro Vascular Centers Offers a Variety of Treatments

You may ignore the capillaries, veins and arteries in your body, but you can develop an assortment of health problems in these parts of your body. Here are some of the reasons for contacting our vascular specialists for treatments or surgery.

Spider Veins

You can see spider veins on the surface of your skin, and this condition can lead to embarrassment, especially when the abnormalities are located on the face or neck. These purple and red veins often appear on the joints such as the knees. When you have spider veins, you can visit a medical facility to have laser surgery or sclerotherapy.

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are similar to spider veins, but this condition affects the larger veins, making the veins twisted, lumpy and unattractive. This type of vein abnormality tends to occur in the legs, creating a heavy feeling while you are walking or standing. The changes in body weight due to pregnancy or the natural aging process will lead to varicose veins. It is possible to have complications from varicose veins, including localized skin infections or life-threatening blood clots.

Peripheral Artery Disease

Peripheral artery disease is an early form of arthrosclerosis. This condition is caused by a buildup of calcium or fat on the walls of the veins. A patient with this condition might have intermittent pain in her legs, especially while walking. When peripheral artery disease doesn’t improve after dieting or not smoking, it is possible to undergo angioplasty surgery. This surgery is designed for enlarging the interior area of the obstructed vein to improve the flow of blood to the leg or other part of the body.


Arthrosclerosis is similar to peripheral artery disease, but it occurs in dangerous areas of the body, including near the brain or heart. This condition is caused by cholesterol buildup on the inside of the veins, and if this plaque dislodges, then it can disrupt the flow of blood, leading to a heart attack or a stroke. The symptoms from this condition include fatigue, chest pain or mental confusion, and you will need immediate treatment with a procedure to remove the clot of plaque along with widening the vein or inserting a stent to permit proper blood flow.


An aneurysm is a condition that causes a blood vessel or artery to balloon in size quickly, and it is a dangerous problem. You can develop an aneurysm in your spleen, aorta, intestines or brain, and it usually requires an emergency procedure. Medical treatments for aneurysm can include clipping the vein, embolization, stenting or grafting. Contact the Metro Vascular Centers in New York to learn more about treatments for vascular conditions.